Operation CleanSweep

Visit any camp website and you’ll see evidence of the fun and excitement that children experience all summer long. There is no greater joy as a parent than to see pictures of a child hanging out with camp friends, skiing behind a boat, or climbing a rock wall.

Cutting At Camp

Front-line staff members rarely think about the medical and psychological complexity that is detailed in an incoming camper’s health forms. Reviewing those forms is typically the responsibility of the camp nurse or doctor.

Build A Solid Foundation

If you think for a moment about your favorite building at camp, you might picture a structure that is completed and functional—equipped with proper facilities and full of happy campers. You’re likely not thinking about the foundation of the building—the cement, pillars, and beams.

Sow Your Wild Oats

Imagine having a week to do nothing but pursue a passion under the guidance of a fun, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable teacher. Many adults wish they could have experienced that when they were younger to help them decide on a direction in life.

Incident Reports

At some point in time, a handshake and a nod were sufficient in order to “seal the deal,” and to stick to it. Well, that time has seemingly passed due to the increasing trend of Americans who effortlessly use the legal system as a means to resolve disputes—however large or small.

Outdoor Cooking

There is no activity at YMCA Camp Mason in Hardwick, N.J., that is more popular than outdoor cooking. It’s an elective activity in which campers plan, prepare, and cook over an open fire for an hour a day for a week.