Magic Moments

MOVING QUIETLY , my wife and I transferred our children from their beds to the mini-van chugging steadily in our driveway. It was 4 am and the air was crisp, the stars bright and we were going on vacation.

Snapping the kids into their car seats and tucking their favorite blankets around them, my wife and I got into the van, turned up the heat and headed towards the sandy white beaches of North Carolina and our first real family vacation.

For the next two hours, we drove, drank coffee, and talked in hushed tones about people, places and things. But, mostly, we just enjoyed the time together. As we crossed into West Virginia, the sun peaked its head over the ridge tops of the Appalachian Mountains and we both paused to drink in the beauty.

To this day, that memory, that experience is etched in my mind. It’s one of those magical moments that makes life worth living and provides a brief snapshot of the beauty and peace that surrounds us, but is often lost in the stress of everyday living.

For me, this magazine is a magical moment. It represents two years of work and a lifetime of learning and dreaming. But more importantly, like the memory of that West Virginia sunrise, this magazine is a chance for you to create and share your magic moments with other camp directors across the country.

We want to hear about how you run your camps and programs. We want to hear about the problems you’ve solved, the children’s lives you’ve touched, the children who’ve touched your life and anything else you care to share.

Camp Business magazine is your conduit for information and that exchange works best when everybody participates.

So, I invite you to write me at: PO Box 1166, Medina, OH 44258-1166, fax me at 330-723-6598 or e-mail me at

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It’s because of them that we can send this magazine to you free-of-charge. Please help us keep it that way.

Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your first issue of Camp Business !


Rodney J. Auth


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