2002 Structure Report

Camp Business sent out surveys to in early September to companies who provide camps with a variety of different structures for use as cabins, temporary shelter, recreation, arts and crafts, performing arts, outdoor adventure… the list goes on.

Companies were asked to provide products and prices, sizes, typical uses, length of construction time, mobility, ease of build, amenities offered, most appropriate climates, the lifespan of the structure and support and warranty information.

Given the product scope of many of the builders, the options and pricing plans available and the diversity of camp needs, we hope to have provided a good snapshot of what's being offered to camps. Specific information will come from the manufacturer, and each company's complete contact information is provided.

We'll publish an annual update each year to keep you informed of changes and upgrades. Your input is valuable and we invite you to let us know if there's any other information we can help provide.

Advance Canvas Design

Products and prices: Yurts: Modern interpretation of the Mongolian nomadic structure. Averages $17 per square foot without deck. Custom options available. Tipi: Classic and elegant Lakota style tipi. Averages $4 per square foot. Platform Pitched Wall Tent: A camp classic. Adirondack style affordable housing. Averages $4 per square foot

Sizes/dimensions offered: Yurts: 16', 20', 24' and 30' diameters. Tipis: From 12'-28', diameters in 2' increments. Platform Pitched Wall Tents: 10' x 12' to 16' x 20', 5' sidewalls and 8' peak height

Typical uses: Yurts: Cabins, staff lounges, camper/staff housing, health centers, meeting rooms, offices, backcountry shelters, bathhouses and overflow housing. Tipis: Camper/staff housing, interpretive centers, meeting rooms, backcountry shelters, cultural/historical exhibits, promotional exhibits.

Platform Pitched Wall Tents: Camper/staff housing, backcountry shelters, staff lounges and overflow housing

Length of construction/build/installation time: Yurts: 1-2 days, once the deck/platform in built. Tipis: 1-4 hours depending on size. Platform Pitched Wall Tents: 1-4 hours depending on size

Mobility: Yurts: Semi-permanent/permanent. Can be moved from deck to deck. Easy to install and remove seasonally. Tipis: Temporary. Easily moved from location to location. Platform Pitched Wall Tent: Temporary. Simple to relocate

Ease of installation: All structures are easy to install and do not require professional installation. Each structure comes with detailed, easy-to-follow pitching instructions.

Amenities offered: Yurts: Over 30 different options are available with yurts, including French doors, awnings, insulation for year-round use, snow and wind reinforcing, stove pipe outlets and screen doors. Bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms can be easily installed. Platform Pitched Wall Tents and Tipis: These structures can easily accommodate bunk beds, sleeping lofts, wood stoves bathrooms. Canvas room dividers are available

Most appropriate climates:

Yurts, tipis and Platform Pitched Wall Tents can be used in all climates. Yurts are especially well suited for winter use.

Site preparation required: Yurts and Platform Pitched Wall Tents require simple decks. Tipis require relatively level pitching sites

Lifespan of structure: Yurts: Lifetime structure. Fabric roofs and walls can be replaced as they wear out. Roof and wall life expectancy is 15-30 years. Tipis and Platform Pitched Wall Tents can last up to 15 years, depending on use

Support and warranty policies: Custom work and support is available. Yurts come with an eight-year factory warranty. Heavy-duty roof material available with a 15-year factory warranty. Tipis and Platform Pitched Wall Tents feature a full one-year warranty and a limited five-year warranty

Contact information: Advance Canvas Design, P.O. Box 1626, 28 W. South 4th St., Montrose, CO 81401, (800) 288-3190, info@advancecanvas.com, www.AdvanceCanvas.com

Anchor Industries Inc.

Products and prices (basic price per square foot): Permanent Camp Tents, Woodsman Supreme, Universal Wall Tents, International Pyramidal, Greywolf, Tee Pees, Hogan Tents. Price varies greatly by size

Sizes/dimensions offered: 8' x 10 up to 16' x 32', custom sizes available

Typical uses: Summer camps, hunting shelters, luxury retreat accommodations

Length of construction/build/installation time: Varies

Mobility: All or temporary and mobile, except the Permanent Camp Tents

Ease of installation: No professional required. All products are accompanied by detailed product assembly instructions

Amenities offered: Flys, screen windows, floors, stovepipe holes, and more

Site preparation required: Level ground, free of debris, height clearance

Lifespan of structure: Approximately eight to ten years, if properly stored, cleaned, assembled and maintained

Support and warranty policies: Sales and technical support available by phone, fax, e-mail and on-line

Contact information: Anchor Industries Inc., 1100 Burch Dr., Evansville, IN 47725, (800) 322-8368, (812) 867-2421, (812) 867-0547 (fax), camptents@anchorinc.com, www.anchorinc.com

Cedar Forest Products

Products and prices: Offers a wide variety of customizable products

Sizes/dimensions offered: Each shelter and building has a variety of sizes, which can be customized

Typical uses: Public and private parks, camps and recreation building needs

Length of construction/build/installation time: The line comes in kit form with each piece labeled for easy construction by volunteers or contractors. Easy bolt-together construction. Laminated bridges up to 60' in length just need to be lifted into place

Mobility: All products are permanent structures

Ease of installation: Can be installed by professionals or volunteers under supervision of a professional

Amenities offered: Building package options, stainless steel or china fixtures, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, and with certain models of cabins, everything including the kitchen sink

Most appropriate climate: All types of climates

Site preparation required: Site preparation will depend on each location and building being installed

Lifespan of structure: The lifespan varies on each product.

Call for more information.

Contact information: Tina O'Malley, Cedar Forest Products, PO Box 98, Polo, IL 61064, (815) 946-3994 (phone), (815) 946-2479 (fax), sales@cedarforestproducts.com, www.cedarforestproducts.com

Conestoga Log Cabins Inc.

Products and prices: Conestoga offers 27 standard models, with prices ranging from $4,995–$27,950. Cabin kits come complete with everything necessary to assemble the cabin including an electrical package

Sizes/dimensions offered: Cabins range from 13' x 9' to 20' x 42'. All cabins are tongue-and-groove logs with an interlocking corner construction

Typical Uses: No typical use; people have used the cabins for anything from the normal rental units and bunkhouses to offices, snack bars and bathhouses

Length of construction: From 2–21 days, depending on size.

Mobility: The smallest units can be moved, but they're true log cabins, not park models

Ease of construction: The units are easily assembled and include a video about the assembly of the units, a manual, engineered drawings and technical support. Crews are available to assist with assembly, if needed

Amenities offered: Cabins can be customized, from basic one-room cabins to full-service units with lofts, baths and kitchens

Most appropriate climates: All

Site preparation required: Smaller cabins are constructed on skid joists, which are provided with the kit. The larger cabins should be put on a slab, pier or block foundation

Lifespan of structure: Indefinite, dependent on maintenance

Support & warranty policies: Most components come with a 10-year or lifetime warranty

Contact information: Conestoga Log Cabins Inc., 246 N. Lincoln Ave., Lebanon, PA 17046, (717) 306-4490 (phone), (717) 306-4495 (fax), prhee@conestogalogcabins.com, www.conestogalogcabins.com

Country Log Cabins

Products and prices: CLASSIC Series –- Traditional designs for campgrounds. Standard log material is 4" x 6" Eastern Hemlock in D profile or flat-on-flat profile (kiln-dried 6" x 8" White Pine Cabin grade logs are available). Kits include floor system, walls, ceilings, roofing, electrical, windows and doors and covered porch. Basic price per square foot is $28 to $45.

GALLERY Series –- Resort cabins in a Chalet design with sleeping lofts and full amenities. Standard log material is 4" x 6" Eastern Hemlock of either profile (kiln dried 6" x 8" White Pine Cabin grade logs are available). Kits include floor system, interior & exterior walls, ceilings, roofing, windows and doors and porch. Basic price per square foot is $24 to $36.

CAMPFIRE Series -- Specialized designs for youth, religious, medical and other organizational camp projects. Standard log material is 4" x 6" Eastern Hemlock in D or flat/flat profile (kiln dried 6" x 8" White Pine, Cabin grade logs are available). Custom design and engineering services are available. Basic price per square foot is $25 to $45

Sizes/dimensions offered: CLASSIC Series -- Standard sizes start at 9' x 13' up to 20' x 20'. Custom designs available. GALLERY Series -- Standard sizes are 16' x 24', 20' x 24', 24' x 30'. Custom designs available. CAMPFIRE Series -– All models are customized for a client's particular needs. bunk houses, troop houses, dining halls, bathhouses, rain shelters, activity buildings, caretaker's cottage, staff housing, concession stands, camp stores, meeting and worship lodges, etc.

Typical uses: CLASSIC Series -- Commercial & organization campgrounds, state and municipal parks, outfitters, weekend retreats for individuals, concession stands, storage buildings, pool houses, guest houses, play houses, gate houses, etc. GALLERY Series -- Camping resorts, hunting camps or lodges, individuals wanting an extended stay structure with full amenities on a smaller budget. CAMPFIRE Series -– See above

Length of construction/build/installation time: All situations assume that a building site has been prepared and a foundation or equivalent has already been completed. CLASSIC Series -- Most models can be built by two people in a week or less. GALLERY Series -- Typically 3–4 weeks or less with a three-person crew. CAMPFIRE Series -- Depends on specific design and size, complexity of the project

Mobility: CLASSIC Series -- Most models could be classified as movable or temporary for real estate tax assessment purposes. This classification may also qualify the structure for commercial equipment leasing programs. The smaller models are designed with a pressure treated skid system which makes them easy to set up and move if needed. Most of the 15 x 20 and 20 x 20 models end up being permanent structures on permanent foundations. GALLERY Series -– 16 x 24 can be built on a pressure treated skid system for temporary placement. 20 x 24 and 24 x 30 are usually on a permanent foundation. CAMPFIRE Series -– It depends on the design, size and intended use of the structure. Smaller structures could be designed as temporary or movable structures. Larger designs will most likely be treated as a permanent structure

Ease of installation: CLASSIC Series -- Only basic carpentry skills are required for installation. Most maintenance people and crews can easily assemble. GALLERY Series -- Somewhat more complicated than the CLASSIC Series simply due to the roof heights and lines. Maintenance people and crews can generally assemble with the assistance/guidance of experienced log home builders. No cranes or heavy machinery are typically needed. CAMPFIRE Series -– Depends on specific design

Amenities offered: All series –- No cabinetry, plumbing & plumbing fixtures, HVAC equipment, flooring, electrical or masonry items are provided with the kit. CLC will work with the customer to design partition walls to accommodate these items. Exceptions -- The standard Classic Models come with a complete electrical component packages and pre-drilled logs. The Classic and Gallery Series come with 2" x 8" tongue-and-groove flooring as standard. This material can be sanded, stained and treated with polyurethane for a nice finish floor

Most appropriate climates: CLASSIC & GALLERY Series -- These units can be used throughout the United States. Many structures are equipped by their owners with heating & cooling equipment. If extended cold weather use is anticipated, insulation kits for the ceiling and floor are available as an optional item. In hot climates, the roof insulation kit also helps to prevent excessive heat gain inside the structure. Upgrading to the 6" x 8" kiln-dried, White Pine log will also help with energy efficiency. Metal roofs and Anderson High Efficiency windows are also a common upgrade item. CAMPFIRE Series –- Appropriate climate zones for this series encompass the entire U.S. Country Log Cabins will work with each client on a personalized basis to design a structure that will be well suited for its projected uses throughout the year

Site preparation required: All Series require a level foundation. Concrete piers or pressure treated wood columns may be used on sloping sites or sites where local codes require the structure to be elevated above flood plains, etc. Concrete slabs are also acceptable. CLASSIC Series structures can be placed on crushed stone pad with support blocks under the skid structure at key points. GALLERY Series -- Larger models are typically placed on a poured or concrete block perimeter foundation. This type of foundation can either provide a crawlspace or full basement area under the cabin

Lifespan of structure: All series are solid, log structures. With appropriate and timely maintenance, these structures should easily last 20 years or more

Support and warranty policies: Every structure comes with a detailed construction manual, an 800-number for technical assistance, construction blueprints, roof systems designed for a 40# snow load. Custom design expertise and assistance is also available

Contact information: Country Log Cabins, 390 Swartz Road, Lewisburg, PA 17870, (800) 326-9614 (phone), (570) 568-1187 (fax), www.countrylogcabins.com. Sales contacts: Joe Kantz, ext. 306, joekantz@kuhnsbros.com; Mike Kuhns, ext. 287, michaelkuhns@kuhnsbros.com

Fun Camp Company

Products and prices: Covered Wagon Kit, $3,517; Tee Pee Kit, $2,035

Sizes/dimensions offered:

Covered Wagon sleeps around eight, 9' x 18'. Tee Pee is 24' standard up to 55' custom

Typical uses: Sleeper accommodations, large Tee Pees for dinning and assembly halls

Length of construction/build/installation time: Covered Wagon, 26 hours. Tee Pee, 24', eight hours

Mobility: Wagon can be trailored. Tee Pee, depending on floor, is dismantilable

Ease of installation: Wagon Kits require one instructor for laymen volunteers. Tee Pees are standard installation with laymen

Amenities offered: Tee Pee has a washroom option. Other portable and permanent plans available

Most appropriate climate: Seasonal (summer) facilities

Site preparation required: Wagons, none. Tee Pee, leveling

Support and warranty policies: Limited warranties

Contact information: Fun Camp Co., Box 7, Oro, ON, Canada LOL 2X0, (888) 297-5551 (phone/fax), sales@funcampco.ca, www.funcampco.ca

Handy Home Products

Products and prices: Storage and recreational buildings (kit form), storage buildings, garages, gazebos, greenhouses/solar sheds, timber cabins. Prices vary by region

Sizes/dimensions offered: 8'w x 8'd x 8'h to 12'w x 24'd x 11'h

Typical uses: Storage, pool or lake cabana, greenhouse, hunting cabin, playhouse

Length of construction/build/installation time: One to two days

Mobility: Can be constructed on skids, wood floor or cement slab

Ease of installation: All buildings can be installed with minimum skill level and basic tools. All hardware and complete instruction are included

Amenities offered: Windows, lofts, shelves, work benches, skylights

Most appropriate climates: Depending on use, storage buildings are for all climates; timber cabins would be seasonal

Site preparation required: Must be constructed on level wood floor or cement slab. Wood floor kits are available

Support and warranty policies: Customer service 800 number, Web site, complete step-by-step instructions, 10-15 year limited warranty, depending on model

Contact information: Handy Home Products, 6400 East Eleven Mile Road, Warren, MI 48091, (586) 757-2828 (phone), (586) 757-6066 (fax), www.handyhome.com

Miami Missionary Tent Company Inc.

Products and prices (basic price per square foot): Prices listed include complete tent -- top, sidewall, ropes, stakes, poles, repair materials, instructions, etc.

13-oz. vinyl tents (round and oval): $1.74-$2.06 per square foot

18-oz. vinyl tents (square and rectangle): $2.50-$2.74 per square foot

18-oz. premium vinyl tents (round and oval): $2.72-$3.50 per square foot

Sizes/dimensions offered:

13-oz. vinyl tents (round and oval): 21', 36', 48' and 76' wide, and whatever length

18-oz. vinyl tents (square and rectangle): 20', 30', 40' and 60' wide, and whatever length

18-oz. premium vinyl tents (round and oval): 21', 24', 31', 38', 52', 61', 77', 100', 110', 125' and 154', and whatever length. Can be built wider upon request

Typical uses: Any event, meetings, meals, revivals, circus, etc.

Length of construction/build/installation time: Most tents take one to two days to built. The larger 100'-wide tents and larger might take several weeks

Mobility: Tents can be used for permanent setup or moved daily

Ease of installation (professional install required?): Most tents come with written instructions and a video; installation is not difficult and professional assistance is not necessary

Amenities offered (such as bathrooms, fireplaces, etc.): Chairs are also offered

Most appropriate climates: All

Site preparation required: Very little site preparation is necessary. Flooring, etc., is used for longer events or permanent setups

Lifespan of structure: If tent is used all year, approximate lifespans are 4-5 years (13-oz.), 8+ years (18-oz., square and rectangle), 10-12 years (18-oz., round and oval. If a camp uses the tent a few months a year it can last two or three times longer than listed above

Support and warranty policies: Warranty covering defects in materials, design and workmanship

Contact information: Miami Missionary Tent Company Inc., 129 S. Treaty Rd., Miami, OK 74354, (918) 540-2435, (918) 540-2436 (fax), info@gospeltent.com, www.gospeltent.com

Nesting Bird

Products and prices (basic price per square foot): Yurts start at $12.41 per square foot. Bath houses and round cabins, prices vary

Sizes/dimensions offered: Yurts -- 16', 18', 21', 24', 27' and 30'. Round cabins -- 16', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30' and 32'

Typical uses: Lodging, administration buildings, back-country lodging, staff housing, classrooms, temporary special event structures

Length of construction/build/installation time: 30-day delivery, one-day installation

Mobility: Yurts, temporary; bathhouse, permanent; round cabins, permanent

Ease of installation: All products do not require professional installation. Instruction manuals included

Amenities offered: Bath house, loft, kitchen units, decks

Most appropriate climates: All

Site preparation required: Minimal

Lifespan of structure: Interior structure, lifetime; exterior covers, 15-plus years

Support and warranty policies: Five-year warranty

Contact information: Nesting Bird, 731 West Park Avenue, Port Townsend, WA 98368, (360) 385-3972, (360) 344-3857 (fax), sales@nestingbird.com, www.nestingbird.com

Oregon Yurtworks

Products and prices: Custom round prefabricated buildings, in small, mid-range and large structure sizes. The kits come as complete packages -- floors, walls, windows, doors and roofs -- pre-stained, pre-insulated and pre-roofed. Prices range from $20 per square foot to $40 per square foot, and vary based on options

Sizes/dimensions offered: 17', 19', 24', 29', 31', 34', 36', 41', 45', 50', 55', 60' and 70' diameters. Wings can be added to the main structure and range in size from 6' to 20' wings in 2' increments. Heights of walls, and window and door placements can also be customized

Typical uses: In the camp market the structures are most often used for six to 26 campers in one structure. Structures have also been used for staff housing, with individual bedroom spaces arranged around a central group space. Outside the camp market, the structures have been used for bed and breakfast, state park interpretive centers, meeting rooms and seminar spaces

Length of construction/build/installation time: Typically two days and up to install the shell kits. Larger and more complex structures will take more time, but the company says the pre-fab format saves 25 to 50 percent on the normal setup time for building

Mobility: The structures can be disassembled and moved, but the most common use of the structures is in permanent settings

Ease of installation: Structures can be set up by a laymen crew, but the company's setup specialists are recommended to assist. The buildings come with a setup video, an instructional manual and unlimited phone support

Amenities offered: Pre-fabricated exterior decking, and many aesthetic options and upgrades. Other amenities are not provided by Oregon Yurtworks even though they are easily and reasonably installed in a conventional site-specific manner

Most appropriate climates: All

Site preparation required: Can be used with a post & pier design, or conventional stem wall or slab foundation

Lifespan of structure: 50-100 years. The things that can and will wear out are normal items such as the stain on the siding (needs to be redone every 5-10 years depending on type chosen and exposure) and the composition roofing (a 20-40 year lifecycle). The windows we include carry a lifetime warranty

Warranty policies: The building itself has a one-year warranty and many of the components incorporated into the buildings carry their own extended warrantees (doors, the windows, skylights and roofing)

Contact information: Oregon Yurtworks, 1285 Wallis St., Eugene, OR 97402, (800) 211-8470, (541) 343-5330 (fax), info@yurtworks.com, www.yurtworks.com

Pacific Yurts

Products and prices: 12', $3,750; 14', $4,330; 16', $4,685; 20', $5,950; 24', $6,885; 30', $8,585. All sizes are given in diameters

Typical uses: Unique rental cabin, meeting hall, classroom, fitness room, hot tub/spa enclosure

Length of construction/build/installation time: The 12' yurt takes a few hours to set up; the 30' yurt takes a couple of days

Mobility: The yurt can be installed and removed as needed, or left in place

Ease of installation: The Pacific Yurt can be installed by the owner. Complete, easy-to-follow instructions are provided

Amenities offered: Options include screen doors, additional windows, snow and wind kits, insulation and more

Most appropriate climates: Options are available to me the yurts adaptable to virtually any climate

Site preparation required: Plans are provided for a post-and-beam platform to be built on-site. The yurt will attach directly to the platform

Lifespan of structure: The wood frame can provide a lifetime of use with minimal but regular maintenance on the exterior parts. Several fabrics are offered for the outer covers. The average lifespan of the fabric covers in ten years or more. The heavy-duty top cover has a 15-year manufacturer's warranty

Support and warranty policies: Fifteen-year heavy-duty top cover warranty, 10-year standard top cover warranty, five-year standard side cover warranty

Contact information: Pacific Yurts Inc., 77456 Hwy 99 South, Cottage Grove, OR 97424, (800) 944-0240, (541) 942-0508 (fax), yurts@pacinfo.com, www.yurts.com

Poly-Steel Corporation

Products and prices: Poly-Steel manufactures clearspan fabric covered shelters and structures under the trade names Poly Shelters and Poly Structures. Prices typically range from $4 to $15 per square foot

Sizes/dimensions offered: Poly Shelters range in size from 12' wide to 60' wide with heights up to 30'. Poly Structures range for 12' wide to over 300' wide with heights equal to or less than the width of the structure. Both Poly Shelters and Poly Structures are all clear span designs and both are available in virtually any length

Typical uses: Storage, housing, activities, play ground covers, greenhouses, butterfly gardens, gymnasiums, swimming pool enclosures and dining halls

Mobility: Permanent and/or temporary applications. Under 60' wide and/or 30' high do not require foundations

Ease of installation: 95 percent of the products are installed by the end user. All connections are slip joints and/or bolt-together construction. Small sizes can be installed by a crew of two to four people using basic hand tools and ladders in hours. Large sizes can be installed in days and may require a crew of four to six people using lift equipment and hand tools

Most appropriate climates: All

Site preparation required: Site preparation can range from little to none on sizes under 60' wide and or 30' high. They can be installed on earth, asphalt or concrete surfaces. Large Poly Structures may require footers

Lifespan of structure: Frames are constructed from galvanized mechanical grade structural steel tubing, and will last "virtually forever." Covers are available in a variety of weights with life expectancies ranging from 5 to 7 years for Greenhouse fabrics. Other fabrics have life expectancies over 20 years, depending on the fabric selected

Support and warranty policies: Prorated warranties on fabrics range from three years for greenhouse fabrics and up to 15 years on other premium fabrics

Contact information: Poly-Steel Corporation, 25008 Memorial Blue Star Highway, Quincy, FL 32351, (800) 874-2900, (850) 627-3854, (850) 627-3854 (fax), polysteel@mindspring.com, www.poly-steel.com

Reese Tipis LLC

Products: Indian tipis (tepees, teepees)/Native American Lodges, Tipi Accessories, Wall Tents, Canopies and Apache Instant Tents

Size/dimensions offered: 9' children's tipi to 24' counsel tipi (9', 13.5', 15.75', 17.5', 19.5' 22.5', 24'). Tipi size is the distance from the center of the door to the back of the tipi at ground level when the tipi is properly set up

Typical Uses: Camping, Permanent living, guest lodging, display, child recreation, sleep-overs, birthday parties, native culture classes

Length of construction/build/installation time: Tipis, 2-5 hours. Wall tents, 1-2 hours. Apache Instant Tents, 2-4 minutes

Mobility: All products can easily be moved. Tipis and wall tents can be set on permanent or moveable decks of platforms. Modular wooden floors are also available

Ease of installation: Tipi and wall tent setup requires 1-2 adults. Complete setup and maintenance instructions are provided (see www.tipisetup.com) with each tipi and tent. Professional installation is available but not required

Amenities offered: Custom paint, floors, canopies, gas fireplaces, chemical toilets, and wrought iron accessories.

Most appropriate climates: They can be used in a variety of climates. Properly equipped, they are as comfortable in hot areas as they are in cold weather

Site preparation required: A reasonably level spot 3' larger than the tipi size, 1' larger than tent sizes. Tipi can be adjusted for slope. Custom decks can be built on slopes to set the tipis on

Lifespan of structure: 4-10 years. Lifespan is dependent on climate, altitude, and care

Support and warranty policies: Full warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

Contact information: Reese Tipis LLC, 2291-J Waynoka Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915, (866) 890-8474, (719) 265-6519, (719) 265-1018 (fax), info@reesetipis.com, www.reesetipis.com, www.tipisetup.com, www.apachetents.com

Reliable Tent & Tipis

Products and prices (basic price per square foot): Tents, $2.45-$4.55 per square foot (depending on size and fabric). Tipis are $25-$35 per foot of diameter (depending on size and fabric)

Sizes/dimensions offered: Tents -- 8' x 10', 10' x 12', 12' x 14', 12' x 16', 12' x 18', 14' x 16', 16' x 20' (with either 5' or 6' walls). Tipis -- 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22' and 24' diameter

Typical uses: Camps (both summer and winter)

Length of construction/build/installation time: One to two hours

Mobility (permanent or temporary -- list by each product): Tents and tipis are temporary structures

Ease of installation (professional install required?): Easy installation; non-professional

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