2002 Skate Park Survey

As one long-time camp director said recently, "The camp basics are the same, but the recreational intensity has increased." Inundated with ESPN's X Games, Nickelodeon's Rocket Power and the ubiquitous extreme sports genre, American youth has become infatuated with the most accessible of the loosely-bound extreme sports, skateboarding.

Skateboarding is relatively inexpensive and the rudimentary mechanics are fairly simple. Make no mistake, scooters are a fad; skateboarding is here to stay. Besides, you can't do tricks on scooters, but a skateboard allows you to get vertical, dude.

A sign of the extreme times is the number of camps that have added, or plan to add, skate parks to their programs. These skate parks are often versatile, allowing BMX trick bikers or inline skaters to ride the steel and concrete waves of ramps, rails and pipes.

Some camps have added a few modular components to bring a skating element to their programming. Others have decided to make skating their number one recreational priority.

Depending on the type of camp you run -- from niche-focused computer camps to mammoth multi-program, multi-sport mega-camps -- there is an option for everyone.

Once you start looking into it, you'll find an entire subculture with its own language. You'll run into terms like spines, pipes, banks, pyramids, grind rails, grind boxes, fun boxes, jump boxes, hips and wedges.

Remarkably, all these flow into a defined course, or part of a course, depending on how far you go with it. Most of the manufacturers listed below offer diagrams and photos of the various components and how they can create custom skate parks -- big and small -- on their Web sites.

American Ramp Co.


601 McKinley

Joplin, MO 64801

Phone: (877) 726-7778

Fax: (417) 206-6888


American Ramp sells complete skate parks or individual components, including a bank ramp, bowl, grind box, grindrail, kinked grindrail, half pipe, half pyramid, pyramid, launch ramp, quarter pipe, spine, hip and jump box. The Web site includes sample designs, free services, safety gear, rentals, an order form and more.

Armadillo Recreation


P.O. Box 2146

Mansfield, TX 76063-2146

Phone: (817) 539-0102

Fax: (817) 539-0102


Armadillo Recreation is the U.S. distributor for Rhino Ramps. It offers a choice of full skate parks and street courses, plus combinations and components. Components include Street Spine, Quarter Pipe, Half Pipe, Flat Bank, Grind Rail, Pyramid and Safety Rails.

Big Daddy Mfg.


5445 Oceanus Dr., Suite 114

Huntington Beach, CA 92649


Phone: (714) 893-5621

Fax: (714) 893-5631

Big Daddy's products include ramp kits (banks, boxes, ramps, wedges, spines, stairs, rails, quarter pipes, corners, bends, tables and benches), half pipes, combinations, mobile parks and mobile half-pipes. The Web site features information, diagrams, specifications and photos of its products and components, as well as an on-line store and services.

Hot Rails Inc.

51 South Jefferson St.

Orange, NJ 07050


Phone: (973) 331-3758

Fax: (973) 673-8116


Hot Rails makes skate park components and modular parks, including take-off ramps, boxes, landing ramps, fly boxes, hips, spines, pyramids, quarter pipes and half pipes. There's a section geared toward camps at www.hotrails.com/ramps4camps.htm. From there, go to Table of Contents for diagrams, ramp care information, a message board, a note to parents and other areas of interest.

Landscape Structures Inc.



PO Box 198

Delano, MN 55328

Phone: (866) sk8-wave

Fax: (763) 972-3185

SkateWave is a division of Landscape Structures, and you can access SkateWave from the Landscape Structures homepage or go directly to www.skatewaveramps.com. Products include various obstacles, furnishings and configurations, plus consulting services. On the Web site, each product line contains diagrams and approximate pricing information. Also included on the site are photos of skate parks using the SkateWave system, links, statistics and safety.

Mojo Rails


2042 W. 1st St. Tempe, AZ 85281

Phone: (480) 829-0412

Fax: (480) 829-3504


Mojo Rails product line includes practice hurdles, jumps, rails and ramps. Combinations include a Fun Box, Handrail Box, Fly Wedge and Flat Wedge. The Web site includes diagrams of skate parks, street courses and specs.

Mountain Ramp Inc.


6270 Arapahoe Ave. #3

Boulder, CO 80303




The Web site includes information about the company's quarter pipes, wedges, fun boxes, grind boxes, bells, pyramids, spines, half pipes and grind rails. Each product line includes diagrams, photos, specs and a quote. The Web site also includes FAQs and a View Parks link, which shows photos and diagrams of selected installed parks.

Playworld Systems Inc./Huna Designs



1000 Buffalo Road

Lewisburg, PA 17837-9795

Phone: (570) 522-9800

Fax: (570) 522-3030

Huna Designs is a division of Playworld Systems, and has partnered with Woodward Ramps & Rails as its exclusive manufacturer and distributor. You can access the site directly, or through the Playworld Systems site. Products include wedges, spines, quarter pipes, jumps and grind rails. The site includes FAQs, links, safety and correct skate park flow.

Ramptech Inc.


14855 Persistence Dr.

Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone: (703) 492-2378

Fax: (703) 492-1023


The Web site includes blueprints of the company's ramps and rails, tips and tricks, wedges and spines. SkatePark Creator allows you to put the pieces together on-line to see what your custom skate park might look like (you'll need Flash). There's also information on qualifications and specifications. You can also "visit" parks using Ramptech's products.

Skateparks 2 Playgrounds


612 Western Ave.

Lombard, IL 60148

Phone: (630) 495-9400

Fax: (630) 495-9401


Skateparks 2 Playgrounds is a modular concrete skate park manufacturer. You provide dimensions and they'll do a 3D CAD layout of a concrete park. There are photos and diagrams of the various combinations and some suggested layouts on the Web site.

Skateparks International


13080 Cavanaugh Mile Road

Hudson, CO 80642-7625

Phone: (303) 655-9006

Fax: (303) 659-9326


Skateparks International makes all-steel ramps and rails and obstacles and offers a 3D design service. The Web site includes diagrams and specifications of its product line.

Spohn Ranch


15131 Clark Ave

City of Industry, CA 91745

Phone: (626) 330-5803

Fax: (626) 330-5503


Spohn Ranch's product line of skate park components are made of a combination of lumber, steel and concrete. It offers construction, design, consulting and insurance services.

SunRamp Solutions Inc.


1428 South Road

Duluth, MN 55811

Phone: (218) 728-5649

Fax: (218) 728-0790


Products include waves, launches, ramps, breakers, spines and quarter pipes, and are made of molded wood supported by an aluminum frame. The Web site includes specs and photos. Call the company for specific pricing information.

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