Ice Capades

When I was young, Mr. Rupich (commonly known as Jeff's Dad) was my hero. Heck, he was a hero to all of us kids on that little cul-de-sac in southern Wisconsin.

The nine of us spent the month of November (and sometimes December) with one eye on the thermostat and the other on Jeff's sliding patio door. When Jeff's Dad appeared, cold beer in his right hand and a green garden hose in his left, we knew winter had finally arrived. It was time to skate.

A big part of the fun was simply watching Jeff's Dad make the rink. Each year he experimented with a different technique. One year he had snow, so he scraped off a place for the rink and let the hose dribble and freeze into a perfect oval (the only one he ever made).

The next year, there was no snow to be found, so he turned on the sprinkler to coat the grass. The next day we woke to the most beautiful, ice-coated trees you've ever seen... and Jeff''s Dad chipping the ice off the sprinkler to try again.

It's funny the things you remember from your youth. I can't ever remember having a conversation with Jeff's Dad or even getting within five feet of him (he tended to be a little on the gruff side), but all these years later I still remember the fact that he was responsible for the ice rink that we enjoyed night in and night out until it melted in early spring.

My guess is that many of your campers feel the same way about you and the experiences you provided during this past year.

All of us here at Camp Business are proud to support you and your efforts and we hope the articles we're publishing in this issue provide you with new ideas and opportunities so that next year's experiences can be more dynamic, more memorable than ever.

So, as I head out to the back yard and into the holiday season, let me wish you and your staff happy holidays from everybody here at Camp Business and thank you, once again, for your support.


Rodney J. Auth

President & Publisher

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