Winter Break

All summer long, my son worked on his "homework", practiced carrying a book bag around the house and peppered anybody who would listen with questions about the bus, recess and all things school-related.

When the fateful day finally arrived and he stepped on the bus for the first time, the joy on his face was unmistakable. He had made it... Kindergarten.

But, like a balloon that has been hanging around the house for too long, his enthusiasm for school and the ever-present daily routine slowly started to leak.

He experienced his first reprimand (not paying attention to the teacher), his first bus bully and the fatigue that comes with pushing your brain to learn.

Suddenly, homework wasn't quite as much fun. Those nightly word lists were starting to cut into his playtime. And, quite frankly, sounding those words out and using them in a sentence was just plain hard work.

He was ready for a break. And so, I imagine, were you. Hopefully you got it.

As you head back to the office to tackle the joys and challenges waiting in 2003, our staff here at Camp Business wanted to take a moment and wish you a Happy New Year.

And, to help you kick-start your brain after a week of eggnog and relaxation, we've prepared an issue packed with new ideas and interesting perspectives on program management in our annual Top Programming Ideas feature.

We hope to hear from you about this feature -- what you liked, what you learned, what you'd like to read about next year, and great ideas you have that you would like to share with your peers.

We've also included some more great craft ideas, a new column for your kitchen (Camp Cookin', page 42), maximizing your sports equipment and program, tips for aquatics programming, preparing parents for camp, keeping in touch with counselors and a selection of great new products.

Keep up the good work and good luck in the New Year.


Rodney J. Auth

President & Publisher

Bryan BuchkoComment