2003 Skatepark Report

"Whoa! No way, dude!" At least that was our reaction as we began to compile the results from our latest product survey for skateparks.

After all was said and done we compiled information from 15 companies who provide a wide array of skatepark systems, from permanent concrete parks to portable, modular systems. There's even a company (Whitefish) that makes templates that can, in turn, be built by the user, and one polled that builds primarily BMX, mountain board and other off-road sport tracks (Hyline Sports).

To help you research the options we sent surveys out to companies who provide these skatepark options to camps.

What you'll find is a breakdown of each company's offerings into products and types of systems, materials used, price of the most basic system and contact information.

The entire survey -- which also includes standard and custom features, pre-installation (or construction) requirements, installation (construction) services and options, routine maintenance requirements, design services offered, warranty policies and post-sale services offered -- is available at www.campbusiness.com/preditProductSurveys.html.

Our goal is to give you an overview of who offers what to camps, while providing an easy-to-browse forum on our Web site so that you can pick and choose the information most important to you, and go directly to the vendors' Web sites you're interested in. Please let us know how this new format works for you and what we can do to make your product searches easier.

We'll publish an annual update each year to keep you informed of changes and upgrades. Your input is valuable and we invite you to let us know if there's any other information we can help provide.

American Ramp Company (ARC)

Products and type of system: ARC has divisions that specialize in lumber framed equipment, modular steel equipment (powder coated or galvanized) and concrete. ARC offers both portable/ temporary and/or permanent solutions.

Materials used: Surfacing includes, but is not limited to, steel, Skatelite, Skatelite Pro, SkateShield, Ramp Armor or RampX: 1"-2" galvanized or aluminum strapping on edges, 4" galvanized or aluminum strapping behind coping, 2" schedule 40 pipe (coping), 2.5' stainless steel screws.

The materials used by American Ramp Company includes, but is not limited to, the following: Steel, Pro-Line: 7 gauge (powder coated) steel riding surface (or optional riding surface), 10 gauge platform guards, 12 gauge enclosures (optional), 10 gauge stainless steel coping system (no seams) and stainless steel tamper resistant hardware. Galvanized: Hot-dipped zinc plating, SkateShield riding surface or Skatelite Pro with polyethylene substrate, 10 gauge platform guards, 12 gauge enclosures (optional), 10 gauge stainless steel coping system (no seams), stainless steel tamper resistant hardware. Lumber: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or pressure treated plywood templates, pressure treated 2x6 framework and pressure treated 4x4 supports. Composite: Same as above, but replacing all wood with (recycled) composite (50% wood fiber and 50% plastic) material. Concrete: Concrete and steel.

Price of most basic system: Since ARC builds using all the available methods it can sell a grind rail for as low as $100 to a skatepark up to $1 million. ARC says it will use the method that best suits the budget and needs.

Contact information: American Ramp Company (ARC), 601 McKinley, Joplin, MO 64801, (877) 726-7778, (417) 206-6888, sales@americanrampcompany.com, www.americanrampcompany.com.


Products and type of system: RampRider Modular Skatepark Equipment includes equipment packages, half-pipes, quarter pipes, launches, wedges, humps, banks, roll-ins, step pads, manual pads, street spines, fun pad, pick trick, and grind rails, and is portable or permanent.

Materials used: High-grade composite materials, galvanized steel threshold and edging, Skatelite Pro skating surface, stainless steel fasteners.

Price of most basic system: Single pieces start at $575 and pre-designed packages start at $12,000.

Contact information: Athletica Inc., 4814 Park Glen Road, Minneapolis, MN 55416, (800) 809-7465 x 211, (952) 925-6192 (fax), ramprider@athleticainc.com, www.ramprider.com.

Dreamland Skateparks

Products and type of system: Permanent concrete skateparks.

Materials used: Concrete, steel, brick, pool coping.

Price of most basic system: Depends upon client, but for most about $100,000 for park, $15,000 for design.

Contact information: Dreamland Skateparks, 5524 SW Cameron, Portland, OR 97221, (503) 577-9277, mark@dreamlandskateparks.com, www.dreamlandskateparks.com.

Huna Designs

Products and type of system: Huna manufactures permanent modular systems, that can be added to and can also be moved, if necessary.

Materials used: Woodward Ramps and Rails are made of all galvanized steel construction, with the exception of the skating surface that utilizes triple-layer construction, which begins with steel ribbing as the base support system. On top of that is a layer of 12 gauge steel for a solid underlayment, followed by an acoustical layer of 1/2" polyethylene for maximum noise reduction. The top layer is Skatelite Pro. In addition, Woodward Ramps and Rails provide: Stainless steel hardware, bolt-through, tamper resistant surfacing connections, 12 gauge perforated steel powder coated sides and backs, large fully adjustable levelers, full steel edging, 2 3/8”, 10 gauge coping and 12 gauge galvanized and powder coated steel transitions.

Price of most basic system: Since these are fully modular systems built to the needs and budgets of the user, there is no standard starting system price point.

Contact information: Huna Designs, 1000 Buffalo Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837, (800) 430-7407, (570) 522-9000, www.hunadesigns.com.

Hyline Sports

Products and type of system: Design and installation of dirt tracks for Mountainboards, off road scooters, off road inline skates and BMX bikes.

Materials used: Top soil, loam with some clay and river silt soil is ideal. The river silt will give a smooth, hard surface when packed and the loam with wet clay will provide a stable basis for berms and jumps.

Price of most basic system: Inexpensive to produce, depending upon the site of the planned track. If additional soil and hardening products are needed it can be into the few thousands of dollars. Typically, for a relatively small-sized track 2,000 to 2,500 yards of dirt is required. The dirt should have a good clay content. It should pack into a ball in your hand, but it should be fine enough to be raked with a hand rake ($2-$4/yard = $4,000 to $12,500).

Contact information: HYLINE SPORTS, 110 East 59th St. #3201, New York, NY 10022, (212) 688-5600, (212) 688-6683 (fax), HYLINENY@aol.com, www.mongooseatb.com, www.hylineatb.com.

Purkiss Rose-RSI

Products and type of system: Purkiss Rose-RSI specializes in the construction of permanent concrete skateparks. When the need arises the company is able to design a park that combines the use of both permanent and portable facilities in one site.

Materials used: Constructed with concrete, galvanized steel rails, edges and coping. Some parks feature recycled plastic elements.

Price of most basic system: Construction cost of most skateparks average $25-$28 per square foot, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Contact information: Purkiss Rose-RSI, 801 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92832, (714) 871-3638, (714) 871-1188 (fax), www.skateparkdesigner.com, www.purkiss-rose-rsi.com, skate@purkiss-rose-rsi.com.


Products and type of system: Permanent, modular and mobile heavy-duty ramps designed for bike use.

Materials used: Steel.

Price of most basic system: $14,000.

Contact information: Ramp-Parts, 12637 Aspen Rd., Joplin, MO 64804, (866) 234-RAMP, (866) STEEL64 (fax), www.ramp-parts.com.

Ramptech Inc.

Products and type of system: System 1 combines common materials that were used originally to construct ramps with modern ones. Using a wood frame, composite sub-layer, and Skatelite Pro as the riding surface it's modular/expandable for portable, temporary or permanent use. The System 2 line of steel ramps is a completely modular skatepark system that can be moved many times.

Materials used: System 1: Transition framing -- ACQ treated 2x6;

transition template –- ACQ treated 3/4" plywood reinforced with ACQ treated 2x6; sub-layer -- 5/8" HDPE (perforated for drainage); riding surface –- Skatelite Pro; enclosure –- 3/4" HDPE (perforated for ventilation); posts -- ACQ treated 4x4 post; safety railings –- 10 Ga. sheet steel, galvanized and powder coated; coping –- 2" diameter steel tube primed and painted with enamel top coat (ends are capped and uses one continuous piece for entire width of ramp); galvanized plate for deck protection; galvanized metal edging –- 1/4" x 2" sheet metal; threshold -– galvanized steel plate (11 Ga./16" wide); hardware –- tamper-proof galvanized screws, nails and bolts and nuts for structure, stainless steel screws for surfacing.

System 2: Transition framing -– Heavy gauge galvanealed steel; transition side walls –- 10 Ga. galvanealed sheet metal laser cut with formed edges, powder coat finish and perforated vents; sub-layer –- 5/8" HDPE (perforated for drainage); riding surface -– Skatelite Pro (bolt-thru connection); enclosure -– 10 Ga. perforated steel, galvanealed and powder coated; posts -– 1.5" x 1.5" galvanized and powder coated tube; safety railings –- 10 Ga. sheet steel, galvanized and powder coated; coping –- 2" diameter galvanized steel tube with powder coat finish (ends are capped and uses one continuous piece for entire width of ramp); 11 Ga. galvanealed and powder coated plate for deck protection; galvanized metal edging -– 1/4" x 2" galvanized and powder coated metal; threshold -– 11 Ga. sheet steel, galvanealed and powder coated; ramp leveling system -– galvanized channels with adjustable levelers and silicone non-slip strip; hardware -– stainless steel tamper resistant bolts and nuts.

Price of most basic system: System 1 is 20 percent less than System 2 and vice versa.

Contact information: Ramptech Inc., 14855 Persistence Drive

Woodbridge, VA 22191, (888) RAMPTECH, (703) 492-1023 (fax), sales@ramptech.com, www.ramptech.com.

Rhino Skate Ramps/Armadillo Recreation

Materials used: Phenonlic skate surface, high-pressure laminate sides, treated support struts, galvanized safety rails and galvanized side covers.

Price of most basic system: Begin at under $10,000.

Contact information: Rhino Skate Ramps/Armadillo Recreation, 10692 Tigerton Lane, Charlotte, NC 28269, (704) 510-0127, (704) 510-0169 (fax), sales@armadillorecreation.com, www.armadillorecreation.com.


Products and type of system: Skatewave skatepark equipment is considered permanent. However, it can be moved/rearranged with pallet jacks or fork lifts.

Materials used: All steel. The skating surface is coated with TekTrak, a proprietary performance-riding surface the company says is preferred by pro riders. All remaining steel is PVC-coated for sound and heat absorption. Back frames and panels are designed to keep riders and spectators safe from the possibility of flying boards.

Price of most basic system: Pricing varies by obstacles chosen. Parks can be designed from about $10,000 to an unlimited amount. Price includes other value-added services beyond just the equipment.

Contact information: Skatewave Modular Skatepark System, 601 7th St. South, PO Box 198, Delano, MN 55328-0198, (866) SK8-WAVE (866-758-9283), (763) 972-3185 (fax), www.skatewave.com.

Spohn Modular Skate Parks by GameTime

Products and type of system: Heavy-duty modular components. The construction prevents them from being moved around by kids at the park, but they can be reconfigured to offer a "new" skate experience.

Materials used: Tubular steel frames, enclosure panels, approach plates, 2 3/8" coping and 4" grind strips, which are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication to offer protection to the entire structure, even the weldments. Heavy-duty 4 3/4" mounting plates to allow for proper configuration for differing site conditions, 5/8" polyethelyne underlayment, 1/4" SkateLite Pro surfacing and optional storage locker options.

Price of most basic system: Systems can be configured to meet the client's budget needs, along with phase options for future expansion. Call for a free estimate.

Contact information: Spohn Modular Skate Parks by GameTime, 150 GameTime Drive, Ft Payne, AL 35967, (800) 235-2440, www.gtaction.com.

SunRamp Solutions Inc.

Products and type of system: SunRamp Solutions Inc. designs and manufactures ramps for camps, park departments, military recreation centers, YM/YWCAs and other youth organizations, and residential users around the world. SunRamp designs a stackable and portable skatepark. The bright yellow ramps are designed so BMX bikers, inline skaters and skateboarders can utilize present facilities, with no needs beyond a paved or concrete surface. SunRamp partnered with the Natural Resources Research Institute at the University of Minnesota Duluth to develop the ramps.

Materials used: SunRamps have a molded wood core, which is encapsulated in polyurethane plastic under extreme heat. Most SunRamps have no substructure and require no assembly. Grind rails are 3/8" powder-coated steel, and all other supports are made of lightweight aluminum. SunRamp's Transition Boot is made from over 90% recycled tire rubber. SunRamp uses zinc-plated elevator bolts and nylon-insert locking nuts as fasteners instead of screws.

Price of most basic system: SunRamps can be purchased individually and start below $200. Portable SunRamp skateparks start below $10,000. The Camp Ramp Up is an exclusive special, which includes free safety gear for camps.

Contact information: SunRamp Solutions Inc., 4566 Abrahamson Road, Duluth, MN 55811, (877) 978-6726, (218) 729-8249, (218) 729-8289 (fax), info@sunramp.com, www.sunramp.com.

TrueRide Inc.

Products and type of system: TrueRide specializes in custom composite skateparks. TrueRide ramps are designed as permanent structures.

Materials used: The exposed surfaces of a TrueRide skatepark are plastic, polyethylene, stainless and galvanized steel. The ramp underlayment is also a polyethylene material. TrueRide uses treated marine grade plywood and joists in the interior ramp structure. All skating surfaces are finished with Skatelite Pro.

Price of most basic system: Average price range for a custom-built TrueRide skatepark is $80,000-$90,000.

Contact information: TrueRide Inc., 5781 Berquist Road, Duluth, MN 55804, (218) 525-2625, (218) 525-2850, www.trueride.com.

Vert Manufacturing

Products and type of system: Vert Manufacturing builds portable, mobile and permanent ramp structures.

Materials used: Vert uses composite polymers, pressure-treated struts with SkateLite Pro surfaces. Vert also makes a special line of mobile powder coated steel ramps with the SkateLite Pro surface.

Price of most basic system: Small skateparks start at around $10,000-$30,000. Vert also sells individual ramps.

Contact information: Vert Manufacturing, 2940 Grace Lane #F, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, (714) 557-5130, (714) 557-5148 (fax), vertmfg@cs.com, www.vertmfg.com.

Whitefish Skate Ramp Co.

Products and type of system: Life-size (traceable) templates and plans of skatepark ramps so a city can use their own maintenance staff to build the park themselves. Includes 3D design of skateparks and competitive ramp surface pricing.

Materials used: Wood or substr8 surface. Ramp surface such as Skatelite Pro, Ramp Armor Deluxe, etc. Steel coping and edging.

Price of most basic system: $75 for a quarterpipe or 4' halfpipe template plan.

Contact information: Whitefish Skate Ramp Co., P.O. Box 1461

Whitefish, MT 59937, (406) 253-5365, (406) 862-8891 (fax), halfpipe@skate-ramps.com, www.skate-ramps.com.

Editor's note: The following companies did not respond to the survey. Please check to see if their survey has arrived since press time at www.parksandrecbusiness.com…

John Woodstock Designs

18544 127th Drive North

Jupiter, FL 33478

(561) 308-7009

(561) 743-3738 (fax)


Ozone Skateparks Inc.

A Division of Miracle Recreation Equipment Company

PO Box 420

Monet, MO 65708


(417) 235-6816 (fax)


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