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There's no doubt that the world is a lot more complicated than it used to be. But with the compounded complications comes more opportunity than ever.

There are more tools, more market possibilities and more innovative ideas at your disposal. The problem is... it's complicated to track it all down.

However, that's what our job is here at Camp Business -- to act as a resource or digest of information that's readily available for you to tap into.

So, for example, when we compiled our Best of New Products section (beginning on page 18), we provided a cross-section of products we've been able to gather since January, so that it's both timely and comprehensive.

We're also busy scouring camps across North America for their perspectives and input -- valuable input that we hope helps take some, if not most, of the trial-and-error and guesswork out of your processes.

I get a lot of stuff across my desk and through fiber optic cables that may or may not be appropriate and valuable for children's camps. So, perhaps another part of my job -- aside from the "investigative" aspect -- is to be your junk-mail sorter.

In order to do this more effectively, and bring more information and ideas to you, Camp Business will be published each month. We have October and December Extras on tap, in addition to your usual September and November issues, and will go monthly in January.

We'll publish a summer issue in June 2005, and come back again in September on the monthly schedule. Our reader surveys indicate that this will provide better service to you.

And, based on our reader surveys -- both formal and informal -- we've met your challenge and have become the camp market's number-one resource. Now we'll also be your year-round, every-month resource.

But before we get too high and mighty, I think you should know that it has little to do with us, and much more to do with you. It simply wouldn't happen if it wasn't for your constant input, support and interactivity with the magazine and its advertisers. Thanks for your help.

Since we'll be providing more information on a more regular basis, we'd like to know what you'd like to read about, or know about, that will help you in the coming years. Please feel free to reach me by phone, fax or e-mail (the numbers and letters are conveniently listed below). I'm usually available, and when I'm not, I try my best to be prompt in my reply.

Oh, by the way... There will be no price increase for qualified readers who fill out the subscription card (or go on-line and fill it out at In other words, it's still free!


Regan D. Dickinson



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