Sensational CD Crafts

What's flat, round, free and invades your mailbox ever so often? Hint: They hang also out at video stores, fast food outlets and other retail centers. Sample CDs, of course!

These shiny, round disks are the perfect base for all sorts of recycled items, gifts, craft projects and games. The next time you get an AOL disk in the mail, just look at it as a free opportunity to have your campers make a great craft project. The following are some easy and unique crafts campers can make from unwanted CDs.

CD Suncatcher

Each camper needs:

2 CDs with holes pre-cut

Assortment of colorful beads

24-26 gauge crafting wire

Follow these easy steps:

1. Glue two CDs together, printed sides together. Let dry.

2. Drill three small holes, about 1/2" apart. This is where your decorative beads will go.

3. On opposite side of disks with three holes, drill one hole to use as your hanger.

4. Give campers the pre-drilled CDs.

5. Cut four pieces of wire about 6" long. String one piece of wire through the single hole and wrap tightly so the wire is attached to the CD.

6. String an assortment of beads on the wire, any pattern you like.

7. When about 2" of wire is left, form a small loop and bring wire back through top bead. This end is attached to top of bird cage.

8. Repeat the process with the other three holes. The only change is that no "loop" is needed, since these bead strings are strictly decorative. Instead of making a loop, simply wrap the wire securely around the last bead.

9. Hang in a window and watch the CD and beads sparkle.

Garden Markers:

A great way to remember what type of seed you planted in your garden. (Parents will use these in their garden and think of your camp all summer long.)

Each camper needs:



Stickers or pictures of flowers or vegetables

Permanent markers

Decoupage such as Modge Podge

Paint brush

Old wooden rulers or paint stirrers

Follow these easy directions:

1. Attach sticker of flower or vegetable to center of shiny side of CD. Campers can cut pictures from old magazines.

2. Using their best penmanship, write Carrots or Pansy or whatever the botanical name is on the CD (to coordinate with the picture, of course).

3. Cover CD with a coat of decopauge.

4. Let dry.

5. Glue wooden stick to printed side of CD. Let dry.

6. Stick in your garden!

Flying CD Fish:

These fish are great because you don't have to clean their tank!

Each camper needs:

Craft glue

2 CDs

Colored construction paper or craft foam


2 wiggle eyes (optional)

Black permanent marker

12" thin ribbon or yarn

Follow these easy directions:

1. Spread glue on the non-shiny side of one CD.

2. Use the construction paper or craft foam to cut out fins and mouth shapes.

3. Place the cut-out shapes on the glued side of the CD, making sure the pieces extend over the edge.

4. Place the other CD on top of the glue covered CD, so the shiny side is facing out.

5. Gently adjust the fins and tail of fish.

6. Let glue dry.

7. Glue a wiggle eye on each side of CD, or use oval piece of craft foam for eyes.

8. Use marker to draw eyelashes or other details on your fish.

9. Punch a hole in the top fin.

10. Attach the ribbon through the hole so you can hang your fish.

Here's an extra tip: If you want to have an "invisible" way to hang your fish, use dental floss. Then it will look like your fish is actually swimming. These are fun to hang in cabins or in the dining hall.

Flower Power CD

These flowers are great because they never wilt!

Each camper needs:


Craft foam



Scrap cardboard

Green construction paper

Flower pot or vase (optional)

Sand, dirt or clay

Follow these easy steps:

1. Cut out 10-12 petal shapes from the craft foam (pattern supplied).

2. Glue the ends of each foam petal on the printed side of the CD.

3. Glue two wiggle eyes on the shiny side of the CD.

4. Let dry.

5. Cut cardboard into a 12" x 1 1/2" strip

6. Cover cardboard with green construction paper. This is your stem.

7. Attach paper leaves to stem, if you want.

8. Glue flower head to the stem.

9. After glue dries, stick stem into the flower pot or vase. (Optional: Campers can simply take home their flowers without a vase, as well.)

10. Add sand, dirt or clay to keep the stem standing straight. You've made the shiniest flower ever found in a garden!

Here's an extra tip: Have children bring a picture of themselves from home. Glue the picture in the center of the flower. This scores incredibly high on the "cuteness factor" with mothers!

Silvana Clark is a professional speaker and author of ten books. Silvana presents workshops on how to increase children's creativity through crafts. She's also a spokesperson for S&S Worldwide. For questions, or more information, go to

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