Jimmy Crack Corn

Months ago I decided to adopt this month's column title, Jimmy Crack Corn, as a personal credo. It would signify the new relaxed me, someone unfazed by life's little irritations -- Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care.

Heck, at times Jimmy had a virtual corn-cracking factory, and I still didn't care. But there were and are times I find myself getting irked at even the slightest attempt to crack corn.

It's really tough to find that balance, and really change some of the traits you've managed to condition into yourself your entire life.

It's really a matter of deciding what should be taken seriously, and what should not. It's a conundrum that manifests itself perhaps most distinctly at camp; at least that's the sense I get in talking to camp directors across North America.

Camp should be, above all, fun. Fun for the kids, the counselors, staff and even the director. But it has an unusually high degree of responsibility. This tension between fun and responsibility tends to cause a lot of stress.

One of our goals at Camp Business is to provide content that addresses both sides of this issue and bring a balanced set of perspectives and solutions.

So, while we'll continue to seek out information to help you manage the risk, secure your camp and manage operations, we also want to make sure the information doesn't get bogged down in heavy legalese and management lectures. It should be serious, but it should also be entertaining.

That's why, in addition to our regular coverage, we're working on improving the interactive features on our Web site -- features that help improve the balance.

We're planning on opening a blog in the near future. In case you're not familiar with a blog, it's short for a web log. We'll post short stories of interest to camps that are open to comments. We'll also continue to post editorial from the magazine from back issues, including forms that other camps use to help them run their businesses.

On the lighter side we're asking camps to send us their favorite camp songs to post on-line. We're hoping to have at least the lyrics and chords indicated, plus any other necessary directions, such as, "Sung to the tune of The Blue Tail Fly." (The Blue Tail Fly, by the way, is the title of the song with the chorus: Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care. As near as I can tell it was written around 1847.)

As per usual, we're looking for your involvement to help create a fun (and sometimes serious) interactive community. Also, please go to page 23 to find out more about another interactive experience coming up in the fall, Camp Business LIVE!

Regan D. Dickinson


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