I'm not quite sure that the following statistic is completely accurate, but I'll give it a shot anyway... Studies done in-house here at the Dickinson household conclude that 50 percent of the fun in a fun activity is in waiting for it to happen.

A few years ago when I lived in Colorado each planned ski day was meticulously anticipated. Pacific fronts, as they lined up off the shores of Washington and Oregon, and Canadian fronts, as they swept south from the Arctic, were plotted with diligence to anticipate conditions.

Now that I'm down here in Texas, it's all about water activities. If you haven't already guessed, it can get kind of hot, and most Texans spend their summers submerged.

Instead of snow reports and cold fronts, we're gauging river flow and lake levels for inner tubing, boating, waterskiing, fishing and whatever else might strike our fancy. And again, much of the fun is in monitoring and anticipating the conditions.

So, when the pages of this magazine come to life in September at Salt Fork Resort & Conference Center near Cambridge, Ohio, we hope that those of you who attend will anticipate it, and enjoy the anticipation, as much as we are.

I should back up here a bit, because I got a little ahead of myself, which I tend to do when I'm looking forward to something.

Camp Business LIVE! -- an interactive experience where vendors and Camp Business combine to offer a hands-on and fun learning experience that provide practical solutions to pesky everyday problems -- will be coming to Salt Fork, Sept. 13-14.

We envision a program that links the vendors and what they do best to your practical reality. It's an opportunity to really try out new products, and to learn better ways of doing things that will make your operation more efficient, profitable and fun.

Whether it's programming, technology, infrastructure and administration, risk management and insurance, sports, arts and crafts, aquatics or anything else that makes your camp tick, our goal is to bring practical solutions that teach and entertain. In doing so, another goal is that the experience will meet and exceed the anticipation quotient.

More details to follow in the magazine and the Web site ( Stay tuned, and feel free to call, fax or e-mail with any questions as you anticipate and enjoy this ground-breaking event.

Regan D. Dickinson



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