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I know that a lot of y'all travel like crazy when you're not in session. It's part of the deal for many of you to take your show on the road.

Travel is one of those mixed blessings, and there is definitely a curse component (the mixed portion of mixed blessing). Most of the curse comes from simply uprooting yourself from comfortable routine and living out of a suitcase. If that doesn't get to you to some degree, please call me and let me know what you're doing right.

But I've always found road trips to be a blessing in the final analysis. They almost always accomplish their goal in one way or another, there's always a fun component that creates memories and you're exposed to new perspectives and ideas.

Road trips jump-start creativity. At least they do for me, despite the moments of angst stuck with thousands of taxis at rush hour in Boston's Ted Williams Tunnel or slogging up I-35 in the middle of Austin at three miles per hour for an hour or so.

My latest trip took me to Dallas, which is about five hours from where I live. Please keep in mind that there's a mileage sign as you approach my town that says something like, "Kerrville 2, El Paso 516", so our distances here are looked at quite differently than they are in the Northeast, for instance.

These long drives -- particularly as I mapped a route that would keep me off of I-35 as long as possible -- allow some time for decompression. And there's probably nothing better to decompress to than Waylon & Willie (that's Jennings and Nelson respectively to those of you north of the Red River).

There's one song that's always been one of my all-time favorites that I couldn't help but play continuously for about an hour, in large part because it's such a classic road song. Willie sings:

It's been rough and rocky travelin', but I'm finally standing upright on the ground

And after takin' several readings, I'm surprised to find my mind still fairly sound

I guess Nashville was the roughest, but I know I've said the same about them all

We received our education, in the cities of the nation, me and Paul


After this summer the road tripping begins anew for many of you, including me. Don't forget to include Camp Business LIVE! -- being held at Salt Fork Resort & Conference Center (Ohio), Sept. 13-14 -- in your road-trip plans.

I bring it up here again because the deadline to get into the interactive, hands-on show for only $10 is June 15. After that, the price doubles to $20.

Go to or check out all the info on page 25. I'm hoping to see you there so we can exchange road stories and play some tunes at the jamboree. See ya there...

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