Loco for Logos

For those of you who don’t know me, I love logos. If I have a logo, then I have a business. I’m ready to roll.

Nobody knows this better then our creative director (and my good friend), Al Holappa. He’s the man who, sometimes single-handedly takes what those of here on the editorial and sales side of the equation give him and turns it into something truly spectacular every month. (This issue is no exception.)

He’s also the man I go to when I need a logo – something I’ve been doing for 10 years. Basically, ever since I met him.

This week is a good example. As we’re running the proverbial mile a minute on deadline for the issue you now hold in your hands, I called him with a small request.

“Uh, Al?” I asked. “You think you can whip up a logo for the Yellow Jackets?” The Yellow Jackets, for those who don’t know, is my son’s Hot Stove baseball team – as manager I believe it’s my job to make sure we look good. In my mind, that starts with a cool logo on our sweatshirts.

Ever the champ, Al told me to send over what I had (not much) and he’d take a look at it. In true Al fashion, the logo came back awesome (you can see it here) and we were in business.

When I called him this morning, somewhat sheepishly, to thank him for doing the logo in the middle of a busy week, he said in his usual understated way, “No problem, it was fun to work on something different.”

Yeah right.

As we chatted, I asked him how many logos he thought he’d created for me over the years (probably 10) and how often those logos were used in a going concern (probably not very much).

As I hung up the phone, his laughter still ringing in my ears, I reflected on how, no matter the project, Al handled them professionally and with seriousness.

I realized that his unstated belief that the logo was not only necessary, but also important, actually worked to validate, in my mind, that the project was important, not crazy. And that it would succeed.

For those of you who try new things, you know how important it is to have somebody validate your idea and encourage you to continue to work to give that idea life.

It worked for me. All those logos Al created over the years led, eventually, to the creation of Northstar Publishing, Inc. – the company that produces this magazine as well as Parks & Rec Business and the LIVE! Show.

So I guess, just maybe, it’s o.k. to be loco for logos…

Till next month,

Rodney J. Auth


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