Grand Opening!

There it was again. A distinct barking, followed by a loud whinny. Confused, maybe irritated, I followed the sound, which led me up the stairs to the closed door of the bedroom shared by two of my daughters.

Opening the door, I discovered my oldest daughters, crawling around the floor, barking, whinnying and generally creating a racket.

“What’s going on?”

They barked and whinnied their reply.

“In English, please.”

“We’ve opened a pet store,” said my oldest. “See.”

She pointed to a stuffed animal resting comfortably under an overturned laundry basket, which was acting as its cage. On top of the basket was an old winter hat and next to it a sign that read: “Comes with a Free Hat.”

What a deal!

With a smile I told them to have fun and left the room, making sure to close the door as the barking and whinnying picked up in full force. As I walked downstairs, I couldn’t help but wonder why the pet store was run by the pets – and I wondered if I should steal their “Free Hat” offer to help launch our new Camp Business Store – officially opening its doors to you and all our loyal readers today.

The new store, located on our Web site – -- provides you with one-click access to every camp market vendor. Need a quote on a specific product? Want to send out an RFP to all vendors in a particular category? Looking for new ideas?

Everything you want and more are available here for you for free. And the best part? We never close!

After you’re done shopping, poke around the new site. You’ll find the month’s feature stories as well as an entire archive of past articles, all available for your use. Looking for something to augment your staff training? It’s here. Looking for new programming ideas? It’s here.

Like our store, everything you need, all in one place, open all the time.

And, you never know, it all may soon “Come with a Free Hat!!”

Till next month,

Rodney J. Auth


PS: This month’s issue includes two stories from a related industry (“Trails To Nowhere?,” page 6 and “Under the Stars,” page 10). We thought you would enjoy learning how folks in a different market solve problems similar to your own. Enjoy!

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