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Praise From The Industry

Dear Editor,

Hope this finds you well. I recently came across a copy of Camp Business and wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the content. I have served as a summer camp program director with the Central Ohio Diabetes Association for 15 years and wish I'd have discovered your magazine sooner!


Beth Morrow


Greetings from Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute,

Our subscription to Camp Business magazine is delivered to the Institute's headquarters and Education Center. The executive and administrative staff have enjoyed your articles for some time.

We are so glad that you have introduced the digital edition, which makes it easy for us to share your stories with our 200+ full-time and seasonal staff members and partners who operate more than 75 programs throughout South Carolina.

Best regards,

Chris Copeland

Clemson University

Youth Learning Institute


Making Magic For Campers

Your article “A Recipe for Magic” in the latest edition of Camp Business magazine was excellent and right on.One of the main reasons I’m a professional with the Boy Scouts of America is the way I felt and still feel about my own summer camp experiences as a youth.Summer camp for me was so very special. It was and is because you are forced to do new things with new people in an outdoor setting where all of your senses are alive.Wise camp staff--from the camp director to the lowest CIT who know about this “special camp feeling”--can really make a huge, positive and lasting difference in a youngster’s life. It also makes a difference in camp staff lives too--no matter how old they are if you let it. It happened to me, and now I get to help make it happen to our camps’ campers.

Again, great article.

Bob Altman

Golden Spread Council, BSA

Council Assistant Scout Executive


Hands Grab Reader’s Attention

Well done.

I don’t often read an entire article in Camp Business--but yours stopped me (The Hands Of Time, Sept/Oct).From the concept and the opening Paul Simon quote to the end of the essay, you had my attention.


Nathan Brant

Executive Director of Camping Services

Akron Area YMCA

Bryan BuchkoComment