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KOA Adds Value For Franchisees

Billings, Mont.--Kampgrounds of America announces that the current Vice President of Information Systems--Jef Sutherland--has been promoted and will take the reins as Vice President of Franchise Operations. The Vice President of Franchise Operations is a new position within the 47-year-old company, which has more than 460 franchisees across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit

Peaceful Play Includes Children Of All Abilities

Rockville, Md.--By the time Mattie T. J. Stepanek passed away shortly before his fourteenth birthday, he had already authored many books and had become a symbol of peace. He was known by way of Larry King and Oprah Winfrey, who celebrated his life with appearances on their TV shows, and Jimmy Carter with whom he authored his final book on his dearest subject, Just Peace. Bankshot Sports are all about teaching peace through play. Participants don’t play against one another and try to beat one another, although there is plenty of room for competition. Bankshot Sports are total-mix sports based on universal design. There is no offense and defense. A participant in a wheelchair is not at a disadvantage. King Farm Park, built in honor of Mattie Stepanek, includes football, softball and tennis playfields, a playground and a Bankshot playcourt. The playcourts are ideal for drop-in participation for seniors, multi-generational players, and the differently-able including many wheelchair users. It’s a game symbolic of Mattie Stepanek, who took small steps from station to station in the direction of peace.

Coghlan’s Celebrates 50 Years

Winnipeg, Manitoba--Coghlan’s, a provider of camping and outdoor accessories, announces it will turn 50 this spring. Founded in 1959 when Norm Coghlan bought the rights to The Camp Stove Toaster, Coghlan’s grew over the years from toasting bread to encompassing and foreseeing the needs of its customers through its 450-product catalog. Recognized by generations of outdoorsmen and women, Coghlan’s has continued to find a niche for its low-tech gear in an increasingly high-tech arena. Coinciding with its birthday, the company will celebrate by launching a new packaging initiative which will not only reduce materials, it will better conform to the product to reduce volume. To achieve a balance between retail visibility and size, Coghlan’s will provide more products per square foot to the retailer’s shelf space, while reducing shipping costs, material supply costs and warehouse space.

For more information, visit

Swimming and Water Safety Program Gets Makeover

Brentwood, Tenn.--The revised American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program for 2009 is now available! Based on feedback from industry experts, the program has been updated to make it more effective and easier to teach. Updates include:

· Water safety and drowning prevention skills built into all swim levels as a major focus of learning.

· New distribution of swim skills throughout the levels to help reduce bottlenecks and optimize skill acquisition.

· Three new Preschool Aquatics levels to better meet the developmental needs of younger children.

· The latest techniques and biomechanics from USA Diving and USA Swimming.

· Information to help instructors incorporate participants of varying ages and abilities into standard swim classes, including those with disabilities and other health conditions.

The updated program includes a variety of courses and presentations to meet the needs of aquatic facilities, swim clubs and swim teams. Choose from the following offerings:

Water Safety Instructor

Parent and Child Aquatics (2 levels)

Preschool Aquatics (3 levels)

Learn-to-Swim (6 levels)

Water Safety Courses and Presentations

Longfellow’s WHALE Tales

Safety Training for Swim Coaches

To order the updated Swimming and Water Safety program materials, contact your local American Red Cross chapter, call (800) 667-2968 or visit

National Ticket Company Expands Staff

Shamokin, Penn.--The National Ticket Company announces the appointment of Jason Mauser as National Sales Manager. Mauser joined the company in 1999 as an account manager for the Pittsburgh, Penn. and mid-west territory. Mauser plans to be an integral part of the management team. Technology is rapidly advancing in the ticketing industry and National Ticket Company continually strives to offer the latest integrations in ticketing to its’ clients.

National Ticket Company also recently opened two sales offices. Chris Conroy, Director of Inside Sales and Marketing, will lead a sales team from his Chalfont, Penn. office. Patrick Carter, Account Manager, will manage a sales office in St. Charles, Mo.

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