Advertising Policies & Payment Terms


Net 30 days after invoice. Advertising is invoiced on day of issuance. Late charge of 1/5 percent per month automatically added on the first day of the second month after invoice date. Discounts and/or commissions are automatically charged back on the first day of the third month after the invoice date.


Should advertiser and/or agency default on payments of advertising bills, advertiser and/or agency become responsible for collection fees and/or attorney fees. If an agency defaults on a payment, the advertiser will be held responsible for total due.


1. Publisher reserves the right to accept, reject or edit any copy not in keeping with the standards of PRB (Parks & Rec Business), Camp Business or Northstar Publishing, Inc.

2. Publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement for any reason.

3. Advertiser and/or advertising agency assumes all liability for printed or electronic advertisements in any/all PRB (Parks & Rec Business), Camp Business and Northstar Publishing, Inc. products.

4. When entire schedule of contract is not used, advertiser will be short-rated and billed the difference. Advertiser will be billed at the current one-time rate when multiple insertion contracts and/or insertion order are not on file with the publisher. Advertiser has the right to revise contract to increase or decrease the frequency rate. In the event of a contract revision, advertiser will either be short-rated or credited, depending on the actual earned space used or to be used.

5. Proper notification will be given before rate changes. Contracts made before rate changes will be billed at the contract rate.

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