I love your magazine. Not all of it is relevant to a small camp ground, but I still read it cover to cover. I especially look forward to “A Step Ahead” (by Ron Ciancutti). Thanks for always brightening my day.

--Audrey Eberhart

Richmond, Ind.


Word On The Web

Especially being older and just getting into (albeit reluctantly) the electronic media, this really opened my eyes to include this in our next staff trainings. Thanks. (CB Mar/Apr., “Leadership By Example,” by Chris Thurber.)

Passing this heartwarming article on to my staff to try to remind them of some of the things they could still do, even in a summer day camp program. I also hope to instill in some of them the need to plan a wee-long overnight camp for our inner city children. (CB Mar/Apr., “Looking Forward And Back,” by Silvana Clark.)

Good and informative article on a program I did not know about. I will be contacting them to perhaps do something cooperatively in the off-season. Thanks for the info. (CB Mar/Apr., Echockotee Dives In To Aquatics Camp,” by Heather Reichle.)

As a non-Facebook person, can you give me an idea as to how much time this takes to monitor/maintain/control on a daily basis?

--Mike Shamlian


The amount of time is up to you, but we've found that the more frequently you update the more successful you are. Of course, you have to have stuff to talk about.

--Rodney Auth, Publisher of Camp Business


Looking for a week-long Programming Idea?

“We take a week each summer and theme it Holiday Week. Monday is Easter--we have a huge egg hunt, do the bunny hop, color eggs and the Easter bunny visits! Tuesday is Valentine’s Day--we make Valentine’s for someone special, decorate cookies, etc. Wednesday is Halloween--kids come dressed in costumes, we visit a nearby retirement community to go trick-or-treating, we bob for apples, pin the nose on the pumpkin, etc. Thursday is Christmas--we make decorations, set up Christmas trees and have contests (whose tree is best), sing carols, exchange gifts and more! Since we always have a special lunch on Fridays, this is Thanksgiving complete with turkey, noodles, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie; we talk about what we are thankful for and do Thanksgiving crafts! The kids love Holiday Week and we always combine it with a food drive for our local food pantry.”

Pam Gibson

Community Events & Programs Director

Franklin Parks & Recreation

Franklin, Ind.


Handbook Details Wilderness Survival

The Wilderness Survival Handbook (McGraw-Hill Professional; Paperback, $19.95) is now available. It is a complete and detailed guide covering everything you need to know to survive and thrive in the wilderness, written by Mike Pewtherer, one of the country's leading survival and primitive skills experts and educators. It is organized around six essential areas of survival (shelter, water, food, fire, comfort and health, and navigation).



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