Common Sense

It seems straightforward. If we depend on Mother Earth to feed us, cloth us, warm us, entertain us and otherwise provide for our needs, we should take care of her.

Yet, somehow, like so many things in our lives, this simple truth becomes lost in the noise and busyness of our modern lives.

I don’t really think there’s any excuse for any of us. We know in our heart of hearts--that place where inevitable truths lie dormant--that we are typically wasteful.

My own life is a good example.

I understand driving my car is not adding to our collective health--it burns fossil fuels that turn into carbon dioxide exhaust that heats up the planet and probably causes a variety of health problems. It probably even makes me less fit because every minute I’m in the car is one minute I’m not walking or riding my bike.

I understand that clean drinking water is a necessity and that it’s becoming scarce. But, with a family of seven, I can’t say I really do my fair share to conserve it. I don’t always remember to turn the tap off when brushing my teeth or shaving (though I’m getting better). I often take longer, hotter showers than strictly necessary. And, I’ve been known to water my lawn during the heat of summer to try and keep it looking clean and green--after I’ve fertilized it.

On the plus side, I do recycle (but the city takes a lot of that burden my shoulders) and I use energy-efficient bulbs. What’s my point? I could be doing a lot, lot better. And, I’m not alone.

This issue is dedicated to providing a host of ideas to help teach the next generation how to be better stewards of the Earth’s resources.

In typical camp fashion, we have appearances from a crazy character (you can meet Cap’n Green on page 20), a Top 10 List, and good, sound advice from directors who’ve been there, done that and are continuing to creatively adapt.

It’s a great read. And, it’s inspired me to once again, look myself in the mirror (with the faucet turned off) and evaluate the attempts I’m making to live an efficient lifestyle. I’m guessing it will do the same for you.

Let me know how you make out.

Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth


Bryan BuchkoComment