Share And Share Alike

We’ve covered a lot of ground in 11 years.

In fact, if the more than 700 articles currently loaded to our Web site are any indication, you’d think we’ve explored most every nook and cranny of the camp business.

But, of course, you would be wrong.

Thanks to your energy, enthusiasm and creativity, the world of camp changes every day because it has to.

In the 11 years we’ve published Camp Business, you’ve had to find a way to deal with economic recession, H1N1, changing social mores, technological advancements, changing educational beliefs, privacy issues, food allergies, obesity, diabetes, and the powerful influence of modern media on children.

Amazing as it sounds, you’ve found a way to bend--but not break--in the face of all these challenges. In the end, you’ve kept camp relevant and viable for the next generation. I believe the secret to your success is:

1) Your willingness to adapt and change without fundamentally changing your central mission or identity.

2.) Your willingness to share your experiences (good and bad) with the rest of the camp community.

Don’t believe me? Look at any article in this issue. All of them are supplied by your peers--folks who took the time to write about ideas they came up with (or borrowed) and then tested in their own camps.

We’ve got our annual, reader-supplied Top Programming Ideas (page 10), a story on how camps are serving the needs of children who have parents at war (page 30), a feature on “The New Camp Kitchen” (page 24), Chris Thurber’s latest missive, “The Beauties of Camp Duties” (page 36) and a few surprises.

If that’s not enough, I invite you to check out all those articles on They’re organized, searchable and easily shared to your camp network via Facebook or Twitter.

After all, sharing is a two-way street!

Happy New Year!

Rodney J. Auth


Bryan BuchkoComment