Looking Ahead

To the Editor,

Having just finished the 2010 camp season a couple of weeks ago and having just sweated out 5 days of 90+ degree temperatures here in the Northeast, I was just about ready to put this camp year behind me for a couple of months. Then you have to go and send along your September/October issue of Camp Business . I turned over the corners of the pages for “A Disc-Golf in the Woods” (sounds like a nice combo activity for our pioneering and athletics departments), “Specialty Swim Instruction” (my wife is a swim instructor at camp and my daughter is an OT in the real world), “Pioneer and Frontier Games” (I think some great things for an Apache Relay), and “The Skinny on Pickleball” (nice for the field house on a rainy day or as an off period use for the tennis courts). Now I just have to make sure I start keeping a file for next summer so I don't forget. I'm sure I'll be adding in a few more things from your upcoming issues--there's always something I know I can use in every one. Thanks.

Stephen Lehrer

Programming Director

Camp Taconic

Hinsdale, Mass.


Lands’ End Unveils Camp Line

Dodgeville, Wis.--Lands’ End recently announced the company is extending its time-honored traditions to an entirely new initiative--Lands’ End Camp.

It offers a complete line of clothing that can be personalized with embroidered or heat-transfer logos, as well as luggage and backpacks, bedding and accessories, to send kids off to camp in style. The apparel and gear will be available in March 2011. For more information, call (800) 960-9434.


Improving Camp Timberland

Wakeman, Ohio--Camp Timberlane recently upgraded its year-round activity center and installed high-performance Eckoustic Functional Panels (EFPs), available from Eckel Industries, Inc., in Cambridge, Mass. The camp, a facility of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio, includes the Edgewater Program Center on its 324-acre property. The multi-purpose center includes an assembly space of approximately 9,800 square feet which can accommodate a few hundred people, in addition to arts and crafts studios, a health center, offices, and housing for four staff members.


Word On The Web

Journey’s End A Magical Place

Journey's End Farm Camp has been an incredible experience for our family. The camp is still run by the same amazing family who ran it when I attended as a child. Some of my very best summer memories are from my time at JEFC and now my two daughters are creating their own. Every year my kids come back with a new understanding of the world around us and our place in it. They get to take care of the animals, participate in the daily running of a real working farm, play, and make lifelong friends. They swim every day (weather permitting), have special activities like "Dirt to Dinner" day, where they participate in creating meals from what they've grown, or the Camp Fair, where they get to show the animals and other things they're working on. They work with clay, they work with wood, they work with each other. They learn to respect and understand each other's differences. If every kid had a Journey's End Farm Camp experience, even once, I truly believe the world would be a nicer place.


For A Sweet Campfire Treat

Campfire Orange Cakes


•10-12 oranges

•1 box of yellow cake mix


1. Using a knife, slice off the tops of the oranges about half an inch from the top. Be sure to save the tops, as they will be used later on in the baking process.

2. Have each camper hollow out their orange by scooping out the orange pulp using a spoon. This process is just like scooping the guts out of a pumpkin.

3. Set the orange pulp aside in a bowl for snacking or for another use.

4. In a large bowl, prepare the cake batter according to package directions.

5. After the oranges are hollowed out, gently spoon the cake batter into them until they are approximately 3/4 full.

6. Place the top back on the orange, it should cover the cake batter like a lid and look just like an orange once again.

7. Wrap each orange carefully with heavy aluminum foil, and place directly into the campfire.

8. Let the campfire cakes cook for 15-20 minutes, turning once or twice to ensure even cooking.

9. Remove the cakes from the fire gently, using tongs.

10. Unwrap the foil, remove the lid and serve with a spoon.

The cake should be eaten while still warm, right out of the orange with a spoon. No plates are necessary.





11-13 Texoma, SWCC – The Natural Gift of Camp, Hunt, TX--Mo Ranch Camp and Conference Center;

20-22 Indiana Conference, Lafayette, Ind.—Purdue Memorial Union;


8-11 ACA National Conference, San Diego, Calif.—Bayfront Hilton;

26 7th Annual Summer Camp Convention, Solon, Ohio--Solon Community Center;

27 2nd Annual Summer Camp Convention, Medina, Ohio--Medina Community Recreation Center;


10-12 Mid-States Conference, St. Charles, Ill.;

15-18 ACA Tri-State Conference, Atlantic City, N.J.—Atlantic City Convention Center;

25-26 ACA New England Conference, Manchester, N.H.—The Radisson Manchester;


12-15 Southern Calif/Hawaii Spring Leadership Conference, Palm Springs, Calif.;