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Advertiser Response

I have been working with Rodney and Tony and the team at Northstar Publishing since the early years of both PRB and CB magazines. The relationship has been productive, profitable and .... fun! There is no one more enthusiastic about his business and our industries than Rodney! Tony gets me very competitive rates to make the most of my ad budget dollars. And I appreciate the publication team checking each month to confirm they are running the correct ad for me. I am certain the entire staff at Northstar is focused on producing magazines that are informative for their circulation, and productive for the advertisers. It's a win-win.

Bob Simonsen

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.

Looking Ahead

To the Editor,

Having just finished the 2010 camp season a couple of weeks ago and having just sweated out 5 days of 90+ degree temperatures here in the Northeast, I was just about ready to put this camp year behind me for a couple of months. Then you have to go and send along your September/October issue of Camp Business. I turned over the corners of the pages for “A Disc-Golf in the Woods” (sounds like a nice combo activity for our pioneering and athletics departments), “Specialty Swim Instruction” (my wife is a swim instructor at camp and my daughter is an OT in the real world), “Pioneer and Frontier Games” (I think some great things for an Apache Relay), and “The Skinny on Pickleball” (nice for the field house on a rainy day or as an off period use for the tennis courts). Now I just have to make sure I start keeping a file for next summer so I don't forget. I'm sure I'll be adding in a few more things from your upcoming issues--there's always something I know I can use in every one. Thanks.

Stephen Lehrer

Programming Director

Camp Taconic

Hinsdale, Mass.

Separate Container Suggestion

This is the first time I have seen your magazine—and what a good way to get kids involved in recycling, the environment and their love of the outdoors. I really enjoyed the articles.

In “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” (CB Nov/Dec 2010), I love your ideas, especially about “dressing up” the recycling containers by the camp groups. I would add “always place a garbage container next to the recycling container.” When people have garbage and a pop can, chances are they will put the garbage in the proper container. Otherwise, they will put both into the same container, whichever is nearest to them.

Our city parks coordinator wanted me to look at your magazine because it has so many good ideas. He is so right.

Thanks for doing this for the kids.

Cindy DeRuyter

Recycling Coordinator

City of Andover

Andover, Minn.


I wanted to say thank you for the work you did putting together this issue. It arrived yesterday and I have already searched for two of the products advertised (the big water slide looks amazing!), have used a quote from the decision making article three times already, and picked up a couple of really good programming ideas we will be using this summer. Thanks for putting it all together, and thanks for sending us the resource in the first place!


Eric Musselman


Fraser Lake Camp

Diet Dishing


Thank you for an excellent article (Jan/Feb, “There’s No Such Thing As A Special Diet”).

In a world where everyone is publishing "Top 5 Steps for ..." and "The Best 10 Ways to ...," it can be hard to come by truly good information. I found each of the tips to be very helpful. Food allergies and intolerances are often seen as burdens, but these tips show that they can be an occasion for creativity, opportunity and variety.

I'll be sharing this with some of my colleagues, and I'm sure they'll share it with many of our YMCA and summer camp partners.

Thank you!

John Oliver

Bryan BuchkoComment