When is the last time you picked up a pen and wrote an actual, no-kidding letter to the editor of your favorite publication? Have you ever done it? I haven’t--and I publish magazines for a living.

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And yet, we receive letters from the readers (and advertisers) of both PRB (Parks & Rec Business) and Camp Business magazines every week. They come via mail (yes, the old horse and buggy), fax, e-mail and our website.

For years, we’ve simply published a selection of them in the next available issue and moved on. We didn’t really give it much thought, but you know what? We were wrong. This is a big deal.

Think about that for one second. Our magazines move our audience. They inspire them to pick up a pen or keyboard and actually take the time to craft a letter or e-mail and then actually send it. Heck, this week (February 16, 2011) we even received an e-mail from the editor of a competitive magazine who told us how much he enjoys the magazine and how he reads it cover-to-cover each month. (We also received a letter from a reader who said one of our writers actually brought her to tears.)

This is powerful stuff--not because it makes us feel good, but because it shows you in a very graphic and real way just how connected our audience is to PRB (Parks & Rec Business) and Camp Business magazines and, by extension, your advertising message.

If you're interested in advertising to an enthusiastic, engaged audience, please give us a call. We 'd love to help you.


Rodney J. Auth


PRB (Parks & Rec Business) & Camp Business magazines

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