Camp Seeks Program Director

Red Oak Camp in Kirtland, Ohio, east of Cleveland, is seeking a part-time off-season program director.

Candidates should be at least 21 years old and have experience in facilitating school, church and/or corporate groups in a camp setting.

The director will be responsible for:

•Designing programs that meet the objectives and level of ability of various camp clienteles.

•Hiring and managing off-season program personnel, in accordance with ACA standards. Hiring includes contract negotiation, payroll setup and job descriptions. Managing includes providing feedback and training to program personnel, providing staff with activity dates and meeting with staff prior to the programs to set and manage staff and customer expectations.

•Maintaining and updating special program contact lists and notes electronically. This data must be shared and maintained in an electronic format that is periodically shared with the executive director.

•Inspecting and maintaining camp facilities prior to and after a group's arrival. This includes all buildings, bathrooms, the grounds, the challenge courses and all other equipment, such as fishing poles, tents, cook kits, backpacks, bows, arrows, etc. This also includes maintaining documentation recording all inspections and maintenance activities as required by pertinent guidelines of the ACA or other outside inspection agencies.

•Updating the camp calendar with upcoming program dates and apprising appropriate camp personnel of program dates and changes. The calendar shall be maintained electronically on the Internet and appropriate camp personnel shall be given access to it.

•Providing the executive director with invoicing and collections data.

•Collecting feedback from customers and adjusting programs so that Red Oak's off-season programming provides value to its customers and so that the programs remain economically viable.

We are also seeking a candidate who has experience in operating and managing a high ropes course. Desirable ropes and challenge course skills include an understanding of ACCT standards for equipment and element safety and inspections; ability to monitor and make minor equipment repair; run challenge course programs for children and adults following industry standard safety practices; ability to perform challenge course rescues; and set up, take down and store challenge course for each program.

This is a part-time hourly position. Hourly rate will be based on experience and ability to meet our programming needs. We will happily interview candidates who think they can fulfil part of our job requirements.

For more information, contact David Roskos, Red Oak Camp executive director, at .