Let’s Hear It For S’mores!

Today -- August 10, 2011 -- is a very important day.

That's because it's National S'more Day!

And who doesn't love a gooey, messy, melty dessert sandwich? Not to mention the fun memories made roasting marshmallows around the fire on a summer night.

While there's nothing wrong with the traditional method -- stabbing a marshmallow onto a stick and either watching it turn toasty golden brown or flame out to a blackened crisp, then tucking it between layers of chocolate bar and graham cracker -- there are other options.

For those of you needing a gluten-free alternative, here's a link to a delicious recipe from Foodista: http://bit.ly/oyOIVT

And if you're diabetic, there's this version (the Smunchie) from our own Beth Morrow: http://www.northstarpubs.com/articles/cb/a-recipe-for-camp-tradition

And for those among you who just can't deal with the mess -- or need to mass produce your sugar rush -- there's this contraption: http://bit.ly/oTQ2IB

However you prefer your s'more, don't let this special holiday go by without a treat!