Campers Take Notice

To keep campers coming back, put the message out that you are open for business. Even if they can’t remember where they “heard that name before,” they will stop and take notice the more they hear about your organization.

Here are a few ways to kick up your presence in the community:

1. Create a photo-sharing page. Families can upload their photographs on your website or Facebook. Everyone loves to brag and it will introduce their friends to you.

2. Use the power of direct mail. People still look forward to getting mail and set aside time to review it. It’s also more likely to be delivered than e-mails that require exact addresses and can be caught in spam filters.

3. Drive traffic effectively. Social media was made for opt-in, “friend-only” items like coupons or promotions. Don’t forget to include offers and your social media sites on ads, too.

4. Brand your business. Create fun take-home snacks or trinkets with your name and website. You can easily use existing concession machines to create tasty treats and store them in personalized containers.

5. Mix up your marketing. Studies have shown response rates increase the more times customers see your name. Plus, using a variety of channels--like direct mail and e-marketing--increases your chances of grabbing their attention.

6. Build your mailing lists. Offer discounts and insider information as carrots to build your e-mail and mail databases.

7. Host community events. Partner with local non-profit organizations or chambers of commerce. You’ll reach numerous new customers, build goodwill, and they’ll share in the marketing costs and responsibilities.

8. Clean your mail lists. Forty-million Americans change their addresses annually. Consider options like the USPS’ National Change of Address software ( ).

Information provided by Bethe Ferguson, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Gold Medal Products Co.


Field Notes

Owasippe Scout Reservation, America’s first scout camp, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2011. It is owned and operated by the Chicago Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.

The Challenge Camp in Bronxville, N.Y. is celebrating its 31st year of offering unique enrichment learning opportunities to bright and curious children ages 4 to 15.

Gold Medal Products is celebrating its 80th anniversary. The company manufactures concession equipment and flavors and distributes them—and other concession supplies—worldwide from its Cincinnati, Ohio, location.


Word On The Web

On “Plugging In To Camp” by Beth Morrow, May 13 Week-Ender Blog post:

We have a strict “no cell phone” policy at camp. This is definitely a challenge, especially since our camp is combination day and overnight camp and our parents demand they be able to be in touch with their children at all times. We can’t control if a camper brings their cell phone to camp and keeps it in their bag, but we can control if we see it out and being used--we take it, return it to the camper at the end of the day with a warning, and if we see it again, keep it at the camp office for the parent to pick up. It’s in our contract that campers and parents sign, so there is no argument.

Kat @ Maximum Teen Travel Camp

Oceanside, N.Y.

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