The Game of Life

I sat in the drive-thru, chastising myself for even being there.

Earlier that morning, I had skipped packing my lunch and because I knew eating lunch meant leaving the office, I kept cramming in “just one more thing” until it was suddenly 2 p.m. and my body was crying for food.

From there, it was all downhill. In an effort to get back to the office quickly, I headed to the closest drive-thru, ordered a burger and fries and ate them while I navigated the roads to the post office so I could cross that off my list for the day.

Returning to the office, I rushed upstairs, sat in the chair and tried to force myself to finish strong.

It didn’t happen. The wrong foods at the wrong time had beaten back my best intentions and I finished weakly--mad at myself for falling into the quick-and-easy trap.

You just can’t beat nature. You either take the time to do things the right way, or you pay the price. There’s no middle ground.

I was reminded of this struggle as I read through this month’s issue. We have a well of stories on how you can help your campers develop healthy living habits--everything from protecting their skin from the sun to healthy eating to writing an effective resume.

Of course, you do a lot of this already. This issue is just a sampling of new ideas to help augment the processes you already have in place--things like easy recipes to help you accommodate those on a vegetarian diet as well as ways to make the recipes you currently use even healthier (think fruit for dessert, baking chicken nuggets instead of frying them, offering vegetables with lunch and dinner, involving the campers, switching to whole grains, and so on).

The issue also delves into some other interesting areas--Part 2 of Bob Carver’s Challenge Course programming series, dealing with trauma at camp, easy evaluation tools and more.

As usual, it was a lot of fun to create. I hope you enjoy it--and, if you do (or don’t), would love to hear what you think. Feel free to drop me a line. I can be reached at or call me at 866-444-4216 x226.

Till next month…

Rodney J. Auth


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