LiceGuard Partnering With ACA

LiceGuard, makers of non-toxic and chemical-free lice treatments, will serve as a resource for the American Camp Association regarding healthy and safe head lice treatment options.

As a new business affiliate, LiceGuard will serve as a healthy-living resource for ACA members.

"LiceGuard is very pleased to be a new ACA business affiliate,” said Mark Stearns, vice president of Business Development for ARR Health Technologies, makers of the LiceGuard line of products.

"We feel it is important to inform camps and parents about non-toxic lice treatments such as the Robi Comb, and we are glad that LiceGuard will have the opportunity to serve as a resource for information on healthy and safe lice treatment options.”

LiceGuard aims at educating the camping community on the dangers of exposing children to toxic chemical-based products, as well as promoting healthy living though an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

“ACA is pleased to welcome LiceGuard as a new business affiliate,” said Peg Smith, chief executive officer for the American Camp Association. “ACA business affiliates serve as valuable resources, products and services for camps.”

For more information about LiceGuard and the Robi Comb, visit .