Staff Retention Tips

Finding great staff--and keeping them from year to year--is a challenge faced by most summer camps.

Here are some tips on how to increase staff retention, from the folks at Mainstages:

Hire With Retention In Mind

Mention early on the importance of consistency in key positions. Offer salary and position growth in the future. Some of your best staff will sign multiple year contracts if they see such incentives.

Invest In Your Talent

Send your staff to trainings, workshops and conferences before camp and throughout the year. Help them network with like minded staff and alumni.

Give A Voice

Debrief after the summer. Ask your staff what they think before making changes to a program or tradition. Let them adapt and build their job descriptions.

Provide Year-Round Opportunity

Maybe your athletics director can teach a sports class nearby. Maybe your drama specialist can run a game show at the camp reunion. Provide some opportunity and income during the year and key staff will see the value in committing to a seasonal career at camp.

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