Markel, CampDoc Team Up

Markel Insurance Company, a leading insurer of camps, is teaming up with web-based health management system CampDoc LLC.

Markel has expanded its safety resource offerings to include access to CampDoc's system to help camps improve safety, reduce risk, and provide the best possible care to their campers and staff.

Markel camp policyholders will have access to the Health Form, Medication Management, and Health Log.

Both Markel and CampDoc work with a diverse group of traditional resident and day camps, including special needs, medical, adventure, tripping, and sports camps, as well as after-school and summer school programs.

“With the help of, Markel policyholders will have a centralized, secure online tool in their risk management portfolio to help reduce liability and keep safety in the forefront of camp operations,” said Ian Garner, Markel's Director of Camp & Youth Organization Relations.

"Reducing risk and helping prevent dangerous medical and medication errors is crucial to ensuring a successful camp season."

"We are very excited that Markel chose us to provide this much needed service," said Dr. Michael Ambrose, Owner and Director of CampDoc LLC.

"We're committed to reducing injury and illness. Keeping kids healthy and safe while they’re at camp is our ultimate goal."

Markel camp policyholders can connect to by visiting Markel’s Camp Insurance website at and logging in under Safety Resources.

To learn more about CampDoc, go to .