There Will Be An App For That!

The idea that became Northstar Publishing, Inc.--and Camp Business, PRB (Parks & Rec Business) and Landscape Architect Business magazines, website, mobile sites, e-newsletters, tablet editions, digital editions, special events, etc.--was a simple, printed summer camp guide.

As I remember it, my Dad, frustrated he couldn’t find a good summer camp resource to plan summer adventures for me and my four siblings, turned to me and said, “You should create one.”

I was just starting my final year at Bowling Green State University where I was studying magazine journalism. As a budding writer, about to start a life-long career as a travel writer, I laughed at the suggestion and ignored it.

Six months later, with limited travel-writing job prospects, the idea resurfaced. Dad gave me $500 to see what I could do.

Turns out, what I could do was prepare a mailer to send to camps soliciting their information, spill a cup of McDonald’s coffee on the entire tray of letters on the way to the post office, and drop those soggy letters into the box, hoping they would make it to all of you (or at least some of you).

Eventually, the Northstar Summer Camp Guide made it into print and sold modestly. So modestly, that we turned it into Camp Business magazine--and we all know how that turned out.

Now, we’re on to the next adventure.

In a few short months, parents and their kids will be able to go out to breakfast or to Grandma’s house, pull out their smartphone or tablet, click the mobile application icon and easily plan their summer adventure.

They’ll be able to read a detailed description of your camp programs, see all the amenities you offer, see whether or not you’re accredited, read customer comments, watch your camp video, download your application or brochure, see a photo gallery of your camp facilities and more.

When they choose which camp they’re going to attend, they’ll be able to click a button and share it on their Facebook or Twitter page.

It’s going to be awesome--and the best part, it’s FREE!

If you want your camp or conference center to be included in this mobile application--simply log in to your Insider account (or call 866-444-4216 to get one) and create a FREE listing for each one of your facilities.

Don't have time to do this right now? Have too many facilities to load by hand? Simply email us an Excel file including: Camp Name, Camp Contact, Camp Address, Camp Amenities and we'll do the work for you.

We'll notify you via email when your listings go live, so you can log in and edit/update them however you see fit.


Rodney J. Auth