Life Jackets For Kids (S 2075) Bill Gaining Ground

Senate 36-0, approved and sent to the House a bill requiring all children’s camps’ lakes and other swimming areas, except swimming and wading pools, to have one life jacket for each child there. It also prohibits camps from refusing to allow a child to bring and use his or her own life jacket.

The measure is called “Christian's Law” after 4-year-old Christian Frechette who was not wearing a life jacket when he drowned in 2007 at a town-run camp.

Supporters said one child dies from drowning every minute across the world and these requirements will save many lives. They argued 86 percent of children are found within 10 minutes and would likely be alive if they were wearing life jackets.

This bill has passed the Senate and is now in the hands of the House Ways and Means Committee.


Advice From The Field

Dear Kyle,

Thanks for your recent article on “Repeat Retreats” (CB Nov/Dec 2011). I enjoyed your examples, both positive and negative and was inspired by the overall message. Thanks for your encouragement to provide an incredible experience for guests.

Take care,

Jason Willcox

Safety Compliance Manager

Sky Ranch

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I would like to first say I enjoy reading your publication monthly, but I find your discussions/articles pertaining to working with individuals with developmental disabilities are incomplete.

Primarily, the language should be person first, not disability first. We would no sooner say “glasses Steve,” but would instead say “Steve, who wears glasses.” The individuals we work with are not and do not want to be defined by their disability, as I prefer not to be defined by my poor vision.

Steven Kiessling

Executive Director

Camp Courageous, Inc.


Word On The Web

On “Welcoming Vegetarians,” CB Sept/Oct 2011

Vegetarian meals at camp are possible. Many vegetarian meat alternatives can be made in a similar manner as meat. I have worked many years at camps that serve all vegetarian food, and kids that are meat eaters come and some of them don’t even realize that they are not eating meat.

Good meals include:

Mac n cheese, tacos, burritos, taco salad, pasta with marinara or Alfredo, cheese and refried bean enchiladas, hoagie sandwiches

Breakfast can include:

Eggs and hash browns, burritos, biscuits with white (no meat) gravy (you can add hard-boiled eggs, or veggie sausage crumbles)

Check around for a local Morning Star Farms distributer or Loma Linda or Worthington Food Products for vegetarian meat alternatives.


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Keep up the great work--issues look fantastic and the content is both relevant and enjoyable!

Eric Bailey

Camp Manitoqua & Retreat Center


Triarco’s 2012 Catalog Now Available

Plymouth, Minn.--The 2012 Triarco Arts & Crafts catalog is now available for all camp and recreational project needs. Triarco will honor competitors’ coupons, sale flyers, and pricing/contract agreements that are not bid related. For a free copy of the catalog, call (800) 328-3360, or visit .


Nasco Releases 2012 Catalog

Fort Atkinson, Wis.--Nasco announces its 2012 Arts & Crafts catalog is available. More than 1,300 new products have been added to the catalog including tried-and-true art materials that help every artist and student create amazing work. Each product featured in the 532-page catalog is designed to make teaching more effective and meaningful for students from kindergarten to college. Choose from a wide variety of art kits, posters designed for the art room, new games, and vocabulary cards. For a free copy, call (800) 558-9595, or visit .


In Memoriam

Dr. John Ansel Armstrong Thomson, inventor of the horticultural vitamins-hormones solution SUPERthrive, passed away on November 28, 2011, five days after his 100th birthday.

Throughout World War II, his SUPERthrive was used by five U.S. Government departments (Army Corps of Engineers, Air Force, Navy, Department of Agriculture, and Forest Service) respectively to: transplant mature trees for defense plant camouflage; plant and sustain low-dust turf landing fields; improve soil conditions where salt interfered with plant success; develop vital drug- and oil-bearing plants domestically; and increase production of necessary guayule rubber.




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