Hip Pocket Activities Booklet

Here's some news from Curt "Moose" Jackson at Summer Camp Program Director about a handy booklet your summer camp staff might find useful:

"When campers get bored, camp stops being fun. We know there are those inevitable times during camp, like when an activity is being set up, lunch is being prepared, everyone is waiting for the evening activity to start, etc.

Many counselors, especially first-time counselors, aren't sure what to do when this happens. They remember they learned some games during training, but they can't recall them."

That's where the Hip Pocket Activities booklet comes in. This is a small booklet that each of your staff can carry in a pocket or backpack. The 60-page booklet fits in your pocket and contains:

• Riddles

• Tongue Twisters

• "Would You Rather" and "If" Questions

• Conversation Starters

• Minute Mysteries

• Charade Topics

• Attention Getters

• Ice Breakers

• Nature Activities

• Games for Small Gorups

• Games for Large Groups

• Teambuilding Activities

Jackson started making these for his staff four years ago, and he says they all carry one with them every day of camp. He says this version is the best one yet.

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