No HTML Experience? No Problem!

Camp owners wanting to launch or revamp their website may have a new friend in WebPlus X6 from software developer Serif.

WebPlus X6 may be a good match for owners who don't have time to learn to write code or have the budget to hire a specialist. It allows users to create and control their own attractive websites – including mobile versions too – that feature social media integration, e-commerce, search engine optimization, and more interactivity.

Highlights include:

● design for mobiles with templates, mobile-friendly graphics, and automatic device detection and redirection

● Facebook, Twitter and Google+ gadgets, and valuable Like/Follow/+1 sharing buttons

● new graphics and templates, a cleaner workspace, and dynamic auto-alignment

● business-orientated with step-by-step e-commerce setup, discussion forums, online booking, and custom online forms

● ideal for engaging visitors using interactive features like videos, blogs, sliding banners, rollovers, popups, news feeds, and galleries

● well rounded, with graphic design and photo editing built in

● helpful before and after publishing, offering image optimization, site checking and fixing, search engine optimization, and Google Analytics

● flexible, with no limits on anything like store sizes, page count, number of sites designed and published, or the choice of web host

● able to use existing business marketing content and information, importing over 40 different graphics, documents, media and more

The software retails at $99.99 and is available directly from Serif at