PreSonus Brings On The Noise

PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. has propelled the LifeWay Christian Resources camp experience.

Live music plays a big part of camp -- LifeWay hosts a wide range of multi-day summer camps at colleges and retreat centers across the country. Josh Webb is LifeWay's resident engineer and tech guru. He coordinates sound and lighting, setting up audio and lighting in the rented facilities throughout the summer.

It's a big job keeping track of so many locations and crews, and LifeWay recently streamlined the process with the purchase of more than 30 StudioLive™ 24.4.2 digital consoles.

The StudioLive's fully integrated effects have really changed the equation, Webb says.

"The PreSonus console is pretty much the heart of the audio system for us. We've literally got three or four warehouse palettes of compressors, limiters, and other outboard gear that we just don't need anymore because everything's built into the desk. It's really lightened the load for the travel teams and has made setup and teardown a breeze."

The StudioLive's ease of use is another major asset. "It's basically set up like an analog console, even though everything's digital under the hood," says Webb. "So the learning curve is almost nonexistent. They don't have to run through pages and pages of menus - everything is accessible via the Fat Channel."

Having everyone on the same console is more than just a convenience.

"It's a great thing for me, in particular, since I'm the guy who has to troubleshoot the setups. The consistency of knowing that every setup is now using a StudioLive console makes my life that much easier." Webb is presently putting together a knowledgebase, to enable the entire team of engineers to share notes and get the most out of the StudioLive.

"In the past, we've been relatively old school as far as the audio is concerned," Webb concludes. "But we've always tried to push ourselves forward and find ways to do things better, faster, and more efficiently. And the StudioLive consoles have been a huge step forward."

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