A Safe And Comfortable Restroom

Designed to help ease the transition from kids’ potty seats to the real deal, the new round-front FloWise Baby Devoro kids’ toilets from American Standard makes it easier for children to be safe and comfortable in the bathroom, all while reducing water consumption.

With a maximum height of 12 inches to the top of the seat, the Baby Devoro toilets meet 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards and 2010 ADA Standards for children ages 3 and 4. The easily accessible, low-rim height allows kids to feel more secure, and helps prevent the accidents that can occur when small children try to scramble on top of a standard-height toilet, which can be as high 16 inches from the floor.

Designed for public settings plumbed for flush valve usage, the flushometer Baby Devoro toilet provides a gentle stepping stone between a small kid's potty chair and a full-size toilet. The flushometer Baby Devoro toilet can be used with a manual or Selectronic hands-free flush valve at 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or 1.6 gpf. At 1.28 gpf, the combination flush valve and Baby Devoro toilet are independently rated to flush as much as 800 grams of solid waste.