A Sport For Anywhere, Anytime

All-Volley Tennis, a new sport and product that combines the core fundamentals of tennis and volleyball on all surfaces and weather, makes its national debut in retail stores nationwide.


Created by the founders of Beach Tennis USA, the all-inclusive set is now available for purchase for a suggested retail price of $99.

The portable AVT set features a 15-foot-wide self-supporting net, two paddles, two balls, and a carrying bag. The kit requires no tools, and is quick and easy to build, allowing players to begin within minutes.

The sport is designed for players to compete, both competitively and recreationally, on any surface and in any weather condition.

Primarily played on sand, AVT can also be played on grass, hardwood, or even in the snow.  Players can enjoy a summer game on the beach by the water, in the gym at school, in the back yard in the winter, or at a sporting event tailgate.

“With the introduction of All-Volley Tennis, we have created a sport that appeals to all ages and can be enjoyed all year round, inside and out,” said Marc Altheim, Founder and CEO of Beach Tennis USA.

“All-Volley Tennis is also incredibly easy to learn and simple to play, as the rules are similar to those of regular tennis.”

During the course of the year, the company will promote AVT through demonstrations at various tournaments throughout the country including an upcoming events in Santa Barbara, Calif.,  September 7-9.

With the product’s portable capabilities, in-store demonstrations can also be executed upon request.

For more information on AVT and Beach Tennis USA, please visit www.all-volleytennis.com/