Regpack Improves Online Registration

The 2012 summer camp season is over, but camp owners and directors can't spend too much time relaxing, as they need to prepare for next summer.

One of the biggest frustrations for camps is the registration process, as it often needs to be done by hand or they have yet to find a solution that works.

Newly launched Regpack enables camps to create a customized, integrated registration form.

Regpack's online option provides the same sophisticated registration and data tools big companies use--at an affordable price.

Regpack's new website offers a comprehensive suite of statistics tools that provide powerful insights and analytics to help smaller organizations save money and generate more profits.

Regpack is designed for small to mid-sized organizations, giving them the tools to build an intuitive registration process that is branded for their group.

With Regpack, small organizations can create individualized registration processes for each applicant to improve conversion rates and gather the right information the first time.

They can use automated communication tools like the ones big companies use to keep in touch with applicants based on their actions and send bulk emails to participant lists.

Because social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can drive interest and traffic, Regpack integrates them into the registration process, allowing applicants to share program details and contact information.

Regpack also builds collaboration and sharing tools into the system to allow smaller organizations to share data inside and outside of their group safely and securely--another capability that larger organizations use to improve results.

Recognizing that customers need a secure, easy way to handle membership fees, application costs and registration charges, Regpack also integrates payment capabilities into the registration process, with full-featured product ordering capabilities, providing a seamless experience for applicants.

Multiple payment methods are available, including credit card, e-Check, cash and check options. Regpack users can send payments in any currency, and the organization will receive it in the currency they work with regularly.

Registration data contains a treasure trove of information about applicants and process effectiveness, and Regpack makes it easy for smaller organizations to apply their data to gain a snapshot view of performance in real time.

The statistics module gives users the ability to generate statistics from any data collected and instantly produce charts to illustrate key findings.

The statistics module also allows smaller organizations to break data down by any user group to pinpoint data for better user targeting.

Regpack statistics allow users to track applicant actions to evaluate the registration process. For example, if applicants tend to drop off at a certain point, the organization can assess the application process and determine how to improve the completion rate.

Users can export data into multiple formats, including PDF, XLS and CVS, to enable sharing throughout the organization and beyond.

Regpack automatically generates statistics when users run reports and selects the best chart format to present the data. Users can view all the data or filter data to view specific groups.

Users can also combine charts to analyze multiple data points simultaneously, which provides business insights formerly available only to Fortune 500 companies.

One of the new statistics module’s most advanced features is its ability to create statistics from any dataset. This means organizations that have historical information can move to Regpack, import their data into it in just a few clicks. and generate statistics on their current and historical data right away.

This feature allows smaller organizations to gain insights from their data to improve operations in the same way larger companies do.