Cook Up Some Leftover Creativity

An experienced summer camp cook usually has preparing the right amount of food down to a science. But sometimes leftovers happen! What to do with the extras?

Turn those leftover pancakes into a yummy BLT!

Check out this blog post from the Alberta Camping Association, which recently sat in on a camp cook discussion about creative use of leftovers.

One of our favorites is the Pancake Snack Sandwich--spread butter and brown sugar between two leftover pancakes, cut into wedges, and serve as a snack to campers. This could work really well with all kinds of fillings, from jams and jellies to peanut butter and bananas and even one of this writer's concoctions, the pancake BLT!

Other creative uses for leftovers mentioned in the blog:

• Add leftover oatmeal to spice cake

• Use leftover French toast slices as the base for a breakfast casserole

• Add scrambled eggs to fried rice

Bon apetit, deja vu style!