CampDoc Offers Pre-Packaged Medication, an electronic health record system for camps, and Pharmacy Plus Network, a national provider of pharmacy services, have teamed up to begin offering pre-packaged medications to summer camps.

With more than 1 in 4 children and adolescents in the U.S. taking prescription medications on a regular basis, and the number of medications being prescribed increasing every day, camps are devoting an excessive amount of time organizing, preparing and distributing medications every summer. Dr. Michael Ambrose, Owner and Director of said, “Our system already integrates technology and camp health care; offering prepackaged medications furthers our mission of helping camps reduce risk, improve efficiency and maximize safety at their camp.” Processed through the electronic health record, pre-packaged medications will reduce preventable medication errors and eliminate the risk of missed medications or incorrect dosing, ensuring that every child gets the correct medication at the correct time.

Accepting all major insurance carriers with competitively priced over-the-counter medications, the partnership between and Pharmacy Plus Network will provide camper medications in sealed packages, clearly labeled with the camper’s name and dispensing instructions. Medications will also be shipped directly to camps at no additional cost. “Of all the ways that campers can be harmed at camp, medication errors are the most dangerous, but also the most preventable,” said Sam Maddali, R.Ph., Chief Executive Officer of Pharmacy Plus Network. "We're excited to be working with, and offer this much needed service to the camp community.”

The partnership between and Pharmacy Plus Network will give camps and their families a safe, secure and cost-effective solution for managing medications in a way the summer camp industry has never seen before. is planning a limited release of this service to interested camps in the off season, with a full release in 2014.