Kanakuk Child Protection Seminar Schedule

“The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan (CPP) is a comprehensive safety system to prevent, detect or respond to child physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse in camp programming.  The CPP Strategy consists of four Protection Zones, four Abuser Remedies, six Management Fields, and over 180 measurable protection elements.  Join Rick Braschler, Director of Risk Management and Sr. Risk Consultant, as he presents this valuable training to camp leaders across the country.  For more information or to register, visit www.kanakukchildprotection.org , or call Amanda Wade at 417-266-3333 alwade@kanakuk.com .

2013/2014 Child Protection Seminar Series

2013 Seminar Calendar:

  • December 2013   Colorado - Location to be announced

2014 Seminar Calendar:

  • January 2014      West Cost - Location to be announced

  • February 2014   Florida - Location to be announced

  • April 2014            Minnesota - Location to be announced