Take It From The Top

Summer camp is an important part of IslandWood’s mission to provide exceptional learning experiences and to inspire lifelong environmental and community service.

Like the residential school camping programs that run at IslandWood from September to June, camps don’t just take place in a beautiful setting. They draw from it, using the land, buildings and structures to create experiences that nurture knowledge and care for the natural world while preserving the element of fun that make camp, well, camp.

Because so many of our summer campers live nearby, coming to IslandWood for camp is not about being in another place. It is about being in their place, but seeing it differently, learning from it, gaining a new appreciation for it.

In this issue of the magazine, you’ll learn how IslandWood uses three very different structures to alter perspective, encourage imagination, and challenge campers of all ages.

So let’s take it from the top—a tree top—and see how to use every nook and cranny of your camp to teach campers about their environment.

--By John Haskin