TRUEBLUE Releases Free Training Program

Boulder, Colo. – Head Rush Technologies, maker of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, is releasing a detailed climber’s training guide available to download from the Reach Your Peak Training website . The free guide details each weekly session of TRUBLUE’s climber training program, as well as the homework and tools for measuring improvement. The packet is user-friendly and is written to be approachable by climbers of all skill levels – experienced and brand-new alike. With links to videos on how to tie figure eights, a climbing terms glossary, and skill-level specific assignments, the program can be picked up by virtually anyone and be clearly understood.

The program uses the TRUBLUE Auto Belay to create a training regimen for climbers of all ages and abilities. Designed by Head Rush Technologies, maker of the TRUBLUE, in partnership with Boulder Rock Club’s head trainer, Chris Wall, Reach Your Peak helps participants improve their overall health and endurance, rebound from life changing events such as pregnancy or injury, and strengthen already existing athletic skill-sets.

The Reach Your Peak Training Guide, now available online, not only outlines every training session week by week, but provides detailed descriptions of training tasks, as well as definitions of basic climbing terms. It offers valuable training for any level climber, and even offers alternate exercises for new versus experienced climbers when possible.

Visit the website to learn more, download the training guide, and to watch the Reach Your Peak trailer.