Colleagues In Camping--Guest Editor’s Note

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / hwahl3

Like you, I have a deep passion for camping and I find inspiration in hearing from members of the camp community on what works best, what could be improved, and sometimes—most beneficially—what did not work at all. My camp story began in 1986 in Williamsport, Penn., as a Little League baseball camper. My experience that summer and the 8 years that followed forever shaped me as a person and a leader in camping. While attending that camp, I learned much more than how to field grounders and turn double plays. I learned that a camp works. I learned how it takes multiple parts working in harmony to create a safe, successful and fun environment for kids; goals we strive for daily as adults. Years later, I still look back on those days as some of the most rewarding and special times of my life.

As readers of Camp Business magazine, we look for articles that offer suggestions that we can relate to, experiences that we can connect with and perhaps some humor to ease the burden of great responsibility. I hope this issue provides you with that and more.


John Lefner

Director of Operations

Saratoga Independent School

Saratoga, NY