Guest Editor's Note--Living And Breathing Aquatics

Aquatics—such a broad topic to be discussed in such a short article!  Do we talk about swim lessons, the different lifeguarding certifications out there, general waterfront safety, new boating programs … the list is endless!

I have been swimming, diving, and boating since I began my life as a camper at the tender age of 5. My first waterfront director will tell you how “adorable” I was in my size 6X bathing suit, wanting to do it all right out of the chute! As a young adult, I did everything I could to become certified in everything out there. I was a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) that—at that time, included lifeguarding—a sailing, canoeing, and rowing instructor, a first-aid and CPR instructor—anything that the Red Cross put out in aquatics, I did it.

As I got older and became a part of the camp administration, the Red Cross threw out some curve balls to keep me on my toes—separating lifeguarding from WSI, so now I needed two certifications instead of just one; each boating option was rolled in to Small Craft Safety and then eliminated from the national curriculum; and so forth. How does one person keep up with all the changes?

I was asked to be the guest editor for the aquatics issue because of my extensive aquatics and camping background—but did I know all I needed to impart important information to my colleagues? If I’m missing anything or if you have questions, please be sure to contact me or Camp Business .

Happy reading, be safe in, on, and around the water, and have a great summer!

Kris Ebner Martin