August List

Treat yourself to experiences that move you at a soul level. canstockphoto19110203

Your Summer (List) Starts Today

We’re all familiar with the idea of a bucket list, an individual collection of activities, experiences and accomplishments most of us hope to enjoy before, well, we kick the bucket. The diversity of bucket list items mirrors the variety of lives we lead as humans, but the one commonality all bucket lists share is that they’re created with an eye toward the life that’s yet to come, the ‘someday’ in life when we have the time and, in some instances, the finances, to make these dreams a reality.

But what about the now?

Too often the drama and details of daily life swamp us into believing that only in an abstract, undefined moment at a later date will we be able to treat ourselves to experiences that move us at a soul level.

Today is the first day of August. More importantly, it’s a summer day. For those of us in the Midwest and along the east coast, we are smack-dab in the middle of those days we wish for in winter, when temperatures drop to single digits, or worse: very dark mornings require a snow shovel or ice scraper.

Soon we’ll be snuggling under blankets, buttoning our wool coats and longing for one more summer day, so let’s live the next 31 days the way we daydreamed them last December: to their fullest. Instead of awaiting the moment when we can indulge in our bucket lists, I propose we add passion to the passing time by creating a Summer List.

You’ve got 31 days for 31 things you want to do before autumn days start stealing summer’s sunlight. What makes up your Summer List? More importantly, can you check them all off before September?

Stuck? Here are 31 suggestions. Challenge yourself to indulge in every experience, because once the summer is gone, so too is the opportunity—and March is seven months away. Live your Summer List today. The Bucket List can wait.

Summer List suggestions

  1. Watch a butterfly or bee flit amongst flower blossoms.

  1. Enjoy an iced tea with a teenager or young person in your life and just listen to them.

  1. Get up early and notice how the sunrise wakes the earth.

  1. Stay up late and count the first 15 stars after sunset.

  1. Call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while and meet for an early dinner.

  1. Sketch your favorite tree.

  1. Stop by a farmer’s market and make dinner from your purchases.

  1. Take a nap on a pool float (preferably in a pool!)

  1. Build a sand castle.

  1. Snap a photo of wildlife and frame it for your desk.

  1. Eat some edible leaves: lemon balm, apple mint, basil, dill, oregano, thyme, for starters.

  1. Take cut gladiolas to a person who doesn’t get fresh flowers.

  1. Lie in a field and name the clouds.

  1. Name a cloud, then watch it float until it disappears.

  1. Dive for pennies.

  1. Toss stale bread to birds, ducks or geese.

  1. Grow a pot of cilantro on your window sill.

  1. Pick a pint of berries or a gallon of tomatoes.

  1. Make a fresh cucumber and onion salad.

  1. Enjoy an ice cream cone with sprinkles.

  1. Walk your dog to the park (or borrow one to walk).

  1. Wake up late and do a crossword puzzle on your patio.

  1. Bird watch, and don’t stop until you’ve seen 10 unique types.

  1. Take in a minor league baseball game, complete with a hot dog.

  1. Dine outdoors at a restaurant you’ve never visited before.

  1. Read a book in a wicker chair.

  1. Ride a roller coaster. Kiddie coasters count.

  1. Burst balloons with darts at a fair.

  1. Eat something unusual and deep fried from a fair or street vendor—and enjoy every bite.

  1. Make your own salsa . Or Smunchies .

  1. Create a photo collage of everything you’ve accomplished on your Summer List.

Beth Morrow is a summer lover, freelance blogger, educator and member of the Central Ohio Diabetes Association’s Youth Committee and Camp Leadership Teams. She has served as Senior Week Program Director for Camp Hamwi, a residential, age-based, week-long camp for diabetic youth, for twenty-one years. She’d love to see your Summer List photo collage! Reach her on Twitter at @BethFMorrow.