YMCA Selects CampDoc.com as Preferred Vendor


Ann Arbor, MI--CampDoc.com, the leading electronic health record system for camps, and YMCA of the USA, have teamed up to help Y camps improve health and safety for their campers and staff. CampDoc.com allows camp nurses to instantly access vital camper and staff medical information, including allergies, medications, and immunization records, as well as track illness and injury in an electronic health log.

As part of their commitment to youth development, there are a diverse group of overnight, day and specialty YMCA camps throughout the country. It is crucial that parents, camp directors and camp nurses work together to keep health and safety in the forefront of camp operations, all while campers are learning new skills, developing character and making new friends.

"With our camp electronic health record, YMCA camps can reduce risk, improve efficiency and maximize safety," said Kirsten Pearson, Director of Operations of CampDoc.com. "With the support of YMCA, we can help Y camps across the country transform the delivery of healthcare at camp, making it safer, more effective and more efficient."

With a limited release of their pre-packaged medication service in summer 2014, CampDoc.com is expanding this service to YMCA camps next summer as well. CampDoc.com is committed to reducing preventable medication errors and ensuring that every child gets the correct medication at the correct time.

CampDoc.com also offers a free online registration system for summer camps , giving families the opportunity to register their campers and pay camp deposits and tuition by credit card or electronic check online. This service from CampDoc.com is available at no cost, with no set-up fees, monthly fees or other charges.

CampDoc.com continues to work towards their goal of creating a comprehensive, secure and cost-effective solution for camps to manage camper and staff medical information electronically. "We are very excited that YMCA chose us to provide this much needed service," said Dr. Michael Ambrose, Owner and Director of CampDoc.com. "We are committed to helping YMCA camps deliver quality care and keep health and safety in the forefront of camp operations."

YMCA members will have access to the CampDoc.com electronic health record at a discounted introductory rate , and can connect to CampDoc.com at www.campdoc.com/ymca .