Product Review


Protect campers from sunburn with UV Skinz. Customize with your logo and create a profit center for your camp. The UPF 50+ fabric blocks out over 98 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. Multiple color options. Save time, money, and mess using less sunscreen.  One application, all day protection.

Aqua Creek Shockwave Pool Bike

The design allows users to choose from six resistance levels. The optional recumbent seat provides back support and is an excellent option for physical therapy applications. Whether recovering from surgery or looking for a low impact way to get fit, the Shockwave is the solution. Aquatic treadmill, elliptical and three additional pool bikes are available.


Head Rush Technologies FlightLine

FlightLine will revolutionize the way you see commercial free-fall rides. Mountable between approximately 18 and 27.5 meters (60 to 90 feet), mustering the courage to take flight will challenge even the bravest thrill-seekers. The brake engages so smoothly that you may not even notice you were caught until your feet are on the ground.

Thermacell ProFLEX Heated Insoles

Designed to make any cold weather activity more comfortable and enjoyable, simply place Heated Insoles inside footwear and activate heat with wireless remote, then adjust heat (medium or high) or turn off with remote as desired. The polyurethane foam is powered by rechargeable, removable lithium-ion polymer batteries that can run continuously up to 5 hours—or much longer if used in intervals—on one charge and recharges fully in 4 hours.

LEVEL Life Gluten-Free Snacks

LEVEL Life offers delicious bars and shakes that help people manage their weight, blood sugar and live happier, more productive lives. The low glycemic, gluten-free snacks are precisely formulated to be low in carbs and sugar, yet packed with protein and fiber to fight hunger and support healthy blood sugar.

Standing Room Tents

Offering over 8 feet of head room and plenty of space to stand and walk around in, all the doors and windows zip shut to keep creepy crawlers outside where they belong. The tent also features a “tub-style floor” making it completely enclosed. There are three variations, the Standing Room 100, 64, and XL. The tent attaches to most 10’ X 10’ straight leg canopy or gazebo frames (for the 100 and XL tents) while the 64 attaches to slant leg frames, by snapping on the hooks.

invisaband Natural Mosquito Repellent Band

Rather than a laundry-list of chemicals, the only ingredient in invisaband’s repellent is geraniol oil (named after the geranium plant). Geraniol is a natural essential oil that studies have found to be more effective at keeping mosquitoes away than citronella and in some cases, even DEET. Instead of hassling with rubbing in and reapplying mosquito repellent sprays and lotions, users of invisaband simply put on the adjustable wristband and go.

Witt Industries Receptacle And Bench Restoration

Witt Industries has the capability to take receptacles and benches that are past their prime and restore them to like-new condition. The process starts with removing the old paint, rust, graffiti and/or debris in a sandblasting booth. Once the units have been sandblasted, any broken or missing welds, slats, tubes, and structural damage is repaired. The units are then primed and powder-coat painted, creating a like-new finished product that is less expensive than purchasing new units.

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