Product Review

Pilot Rock Athletic Benches

Bench styles with or without backrests are available. The all-welded steel frame is hot-dipped galvanized for maximum protection from the elements. Featuring portable or stationary surface installations or wall mount, lengths from 4 to 24 feet, seat planks of aluminum, wood, coated steel or recycled plastic. Team colors and custom plaques can personalize your benches.

RAVE Spin Wheel

Designed specifically for camps and resorts providing activities for groups up to 15 at a time, the Spin Wheel spins around the water bouncer from a five-point center anchor harness as kids (and adults) run in circles. It requires only six feet of water depth, so it accommodates campers of all ages and swimming levels, and is less likely to be affected by wind conditions on the water.

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Head Rush Technologies Adventure Tower

Allows your customers to climb, zip, jump, and more, all on one convenient, vertical structure. The tower is customizable and can be made from a variety of materials, allowing you to choose the overall look and feel of the structure. Certain elements, like roofing, platforms, climbing walls, and devices, also can be added or removed. Tower activities are hand-selected to fit your needs. Each additional activity will increase your tower’s overall maximum throughput, increasing the rate of return on your investment.

Aluma Picnic Tables

Aluma offers two-sided and four-sided aluminum picnic tables.  Two 2-sided picnic table models are available as are a 6-foot and 8-foot model. They are available in tan, forest green or pewter.