CampHacker Unveils Wall Calendar

CampHacker is looking to unveil its new proeduct--the Wall Calendar

Company representative Travis Allison says they've had lots of great feedback for the prototypes of the Wall Calendar that they've shown to camp directors but they need to be 100% certain that it truly is a tool that camps will purchase.

According to a press release:

"We've partnered with a company called NeuYear to help design and produce the calendar.  They've been kind enough to offer us a price break that makes the Calendar affordable for all camps."

In order to get that price break (it's 60% off!) teneed to make one bulk purchase of the calendars.

"WE NEED TO SELL 47 CALENDARS BY END OF NEXT WEDNESDAY," he says. "If we can get 47 calendars purchased by midnight Wednesday, September 2nd then we will make our order and get an affordable Summer Camp Marketing Wall Calendar for all who pre-order. If we don't get at least 47 orders... we won't order any. Ever."

To help make sure this is possible they're going to reduce the price of the calendar to $24.95 (from $34.95) until the end of Sept 2nd.

If you're interested please go to

If you have any questions, please email :

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